10 Inspirational Weight loss Quotes

10 Inspirational Weight loss Quotes

When it comes to staying healthy and in shape, it’s as much mental as it is physical. Confidence and a  positive outlook is without a doubt, a great way to stay motivated with your workout regimen.
So, hush that inner critic, and don’t be afraid to feel and look your best.  Stay motivated, and insprired on your weight loss journey with these  10 popular quotes and sayings.



  1.Don’t be afraid to push yourself

All Too often people are so fixed on how much discomfort they may encounter on a certain exercise regime, or way of eating, that they forget that the immense benefits that comes with it. Pushing your body to be its best, is the right way to love it – as well as creating better health for the future.







2.A Great  plans, lead to Greater things.

When you’re taking in the right sorts of superfoods, like fresh produce, lean proteins, whole grains, and the right kinds of fat you will turbo charge your body with the energy it needs to raise your immune system while decreasing your waist. 




3. Take The Challenge 

If you want results you need to switch it up. It may feel safer to do the same things over and over, eating the same meal and doing the same exercise routine, but it you want great results instead of mediocre ones you need to spice it up. If you’re a gym bunny try running, or hit the swimming pool for an all over workout. 








4. Shaky today stronger tomorrow

However sore and shaky your muscles might feel, in time they will not only adjust, but they will reward you by becoming stronger, sleeker and leaner. 

This mean you’ll feel great and look great too!








5.Remove The Regret 

The more you put off getting healthy to tomorrow, the more irrelevant it will seem, until one day you wake up inside a body you barely recognize anymore. If you can’t take big steps, take small ones, you’ll get there in the end. 






6.Never Give Up 

If you have lots of weight to lose, it’s easy to get demotivated knowing it will take such a long time to remove. But remember that time will pass anyway. And every good health decision you make today will count towards a better and healthier tomorrow. Don’t give up, the journey is worth it – no matter the time frame. 








7.Thoughts become You

Most high performing athlete will tell you that until the mind is right, the body can’t follow. If you believe that your health regime is doomed from the start  and that your body can never change, then chances are you will prove yourself right. Go into your health regime with a positive attitude, and you will already be winning. 








Image result for must go my kitchen needs me8.Test Your Limits. 

The body a amazing, and too many times we never experience the peek of our abilities. I have included at the end of this, a video from Extreme Weight loss Makeover Edition. This shows people who health wise may have written themselves off, but managed to turn everything around. It is never too late to strive for your own personal best. Just go for it! 





9.Perspiration Power

One of the best way to remove all those icky toxins from your system, and get the lymph pumping to excrete excess water, is to work up a sweat. Get that fat crying with some  boxing,running, or strength training.









10.It will Pay Off 

The key to losing weight every time is consistency. If you’ve noticed the people who stay slim tend to keep doing the right thing over and over, while those who have fluctuating weight will go on crash diet and then quit. Keep the workout routines up and keep them fun, and find days you know you’ll be able to do them, and make those days stick. 







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