How To Assemble Maxi Climber In 7 Quick Steps

How To Assemble Maxi Climber In 7 Quick Steps


You want to purchase home fitness equipment, but you aren’t sure if you’ll be able to manage assembling it on your own. What does it really take to learn how to assemble Maxi Climber machines? When that brown box arrives on your doorstep, it’s the first tangible step towards a healthier lifestyle. But what will it take for you to get it moving?

Some companies offer an additional service where they send technicians and laborers out to your home to assemble your exercise equipment for you. You might be wondering if it’s really worth the expense. Should you consider hiring someone to assist you so you can be sure your new Maxi Climber is assembled correctly?

After taking a look at this survey on how to assemble Maxi Climber machines, you won’t need to hire an expert to help you. The Maxi Climber is relatively easy to put together, piece by piece. When you’re finished, you might even be able to charge your friends to help them figure out how to assemble Maxi Climber machines of their own.

What Do You Need?

Before you start reading the instructions and learning how to assemble Maxi Climber machines, you need to gather up all of your materials. Fortunately, putting together your new fitness equipment doesn’t require much in the way of tools or other equipment.

When your Maxi Climber first arrives, you should open the box to make sure that all pieces are included. You should have:

  • The main body
  • Two different-sized “U-bars”
  • A right and left handle
  • Two fixed handles
  • Tightening wrench

Everything that you need to assemble the machine from start to finish should already be included within your box. There is no need for additional nuts, bolts, screws, wrenches, drills, or any other sort of tool. The benefit of the maxi climber machine is that it comes already 90 percent assembled. The steps that you will have to take in order to finish your fitness equipment safely are short and quick.

How to Assemble Maxi Climber Machine in Seven Steps

1. Make Room.

The first step to figuring out how to assemble Maxi Climber machines yourself is to ensure that you have enough space for the machine to rest adequately. You may want to consider two separate spaces for your Maxi Climber machine – one space for you to work out and one space for you to store your equipment.

When the machine is fully assembled, it takes up approximately six square feet of space. That doesn’t sound like a lot because the machine really does have quite a small footprint in comparison to many of the more cumbersome machines on the market. The dimensions of the finished product are 24” x 36” x 84”. Be sure to have enough clearance for your upper body and the full height of the machine so you can work out properly.

When it comes to storage, the Maxi Climber folds up easily so it can be stored quickly in a closet. If you clear out a little floor space in your hall closet, you should have plenty of room to keep your machine inside when it isn’t in use. It doesn’t weight much so moving it from one space to another should not be a big deal for you.

How to assemble maxi climber in 7 quick steps

2. Check for materials.

Before you even get started, you need to check to make sure that all of the materials listed in the previous section are included within your box. If they are not, you will need to call the company to request replacement pieces be sent to your home so you can begin to figure out how to assemble Maxi Climber in your living room. You should also have an instruction booklet so you can follow along with the manufacturer’s directions while we teach you how to assemble Maxi Climber machines.

3. Remove the nuts and bolts at the top of the machine.

Stand the machine up so that the words “Maxi Climber” are upside down when you read them. We will first work on forming the base of your machine so that it can stand unassisted while you finish the assembly.

Notice how one arm can lower rather completely. Go ahead and lower this arm down for a moment. On the remaining piece at the top of the machine, you will see two nuts and bolts. Carefully unscrew and remove the two nuts and bolts at the top of the machine, being careful not to lose any of the pieces. Once these are removed, the larger of the two “U-bars” should fit easily within the small cradle.

Line up the holes on the U-bar with the holes on the cradle at the top of the machine.

Replace the bolts, running them through the U-bar and the cradle simultaneously. Tighten them using the tightening wrench included in the box.

4. Remove the nuts and bolts from the smaller cradle.

The arm you folded down in the previous step should now come back to the top of the machine so it will be easier to work with. Notice that this is simply a slightly smaller version of the same piece we examined in the previous step. It also has two nuts and bolts in identical locations.

You will do the same on this section of the machine, carefully removing the nuts and bolts and placing them to the side.

Let the smaller U-bar nestle into this cradle and align the holes with those already on the arm of the machine. Gently replace the bolts, running them through both the cradle and the U-bar and tightening them with the tightening wrench.

These two sections form the base of your machine. Flip the machine over so that these two “U-bars” rest on the ground slightly apart. You may need to adjust their distance from each other in the next step as you look towards securing and stabilizing the machine.

5. Remove and replace the safety pin.

At the base of the machine, you will find the safety pin holding the stabilizing bar in place. Grip this bar firmly as you remove the safety pin. Removing the safety pin will allow the bar to drop down to rest in the small triangular protrusion on the other side of the base of the machine.

The holes in the bar should align with the holes in this triangle, and the safety pin is reinserted into this available space. It is very important to make sure the safety pin is pushed as far through as it can go. This is what will stabilize your machine during a rigorous workout and keep the base from extending too far.

6. Attach pulleys.

Towards the front of the machine near the base, you will find a number of screws. There is a left side and right side with a similar setup. The nut on the top middle bolt on each side should be removed.

Once it is taken off, reach up and grab the pulley strings and located the circular attachment at the bottom. Secure the pulley strings by placing the circular attachment at the end of the pulley around the bolt. Put the nut back on and tighten.

This will allow your pedals to move up and down opposite of one another to give you the full body workout on your lower body.

7. Add the handlebars.

You should have received two different types of handlebars in your box. Two of them are long and L-shaped, marked as right (R) or left (L). The other two will be smaller, straight pieces with handgrips.

First, identify the left and right handlebars of the L-shaped variety and insert them into the corresponding slots. These will be inserted so that the grips will be parallel with the ground. They should slide right into the slots once you press the metal pin and slide simultaneously. You will do the same action on each side. This will also allow you to adjust the height accordingly.

The stationary handlebars will attach to the hollow cylinder on the back of the front of the machine. Simply slide in the ends to get it started, push the metal pin and continue to slide until it snaps into place.


Did you enjoy learning how to assemble Maxi Climber machines? Now you can save yourself some money by assembling your machine all on your own. You won’t even need the help or assistance of a neighbor, friend, or a significant other. You’ll save time and money by knowing how to assemble Maxi Climber machines on your own.

The steps are easy to follow because this machine does come 90 percent preassembled. The remaining steps should require no more than 15 minutes of your time to be done completely and correctly.

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