Chair exercises for a flat stomach: Flat belly hacks!

Chair exercises for a flat stomach: Flat belly hacks!

Chair exercises for a flat stomach? Really Jenny? Ok, I’m imagining that’s what some of you may be thinking. After all, we’re conditioned to think that getting in shape has to involve some fandageled contraption, or at least an overpriced gym membership that gathers dust in our purse or wallet. Well,   I know, it sounds unlikely that a chair can help you tone your belly, but it really can do wonders if used the right way.

Many times we want to exercise, but other activities limit us. Work, family, studies, hobbies and other every life stuff take us away, in some way, from healthy training . This goes doubly when we work in an office. Staying seated for several hours can bring serious problems to your health and figure. The sedentary life is the main enemy of the flat abdomen .

The best news about chair exercises, is that they are an  easy way of working out. There are plenty of great exercises to reduce belly fat while sitting in office, or at home.  All you need is a chair and the desire to reduce the bulge.  If your colleges are looking at you a bit strangely, get them to join in too!


Chair exercises for a flat stomach: For flexibility and toning


  • Touch the floor sitting down . As a kind of warm-up, exercise serves to stretch. With this movement you will burn fat in the area of ​​the waist and hip. Find a chair that allows you to put your feet on the ground. Once you find the ideal, sit down and put your feet on the ground. Your left arm, stretched, has to reach your right foot. Perform the movement while tilting the body slightly. Straighten up and repeat the series about 20 or 30 times alternating arms.

Chair exercises for a flat stomach


  • Elevation of both knees . This action is ideal for working the abdominal muscles. Sit down, put your legs together and lift them towards your chest. Do the activity keeping your back as straight as possible. It is necessary to tenses the abdomen to perform this exercise. Return the legs to their initial position, but do not let them touch the floor. Perform 10 to 20 repetitions.

 chair exercises for a flat stomach



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  • Knee towards the elbow . This is perfect exercise for toning the waist area. It will make you work the lateral abdominal area and the lower abdomen. The idea is to be seated in the chair. Straight back without leaning on the back and hands on the head. Lift your right knee towards your chest and move your left elbow towards it. Look for the knee and the elbow to touch each other. Return to your initial position. Repeat the action between 10 and 15 times. It can be exhausting, but the more you work it, the greater the result will be in your abdomen.

Chair exercises for a flat stomach



  • Knee raising with body tilting to the side . Directly attacks the rolls of the waist. Sit on the edge of the chair, back straight. Rest your hands on both sides of the chair. Bend slightly and lean the weight of your body on a gluteus. Join the legs and direct them toward the chest. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise between 10 and 20 times.


chair exercises for a flat stomach



  • Elevation of the body on a chair . It may be the most complex activity, but it has great results. Realize it in a chair without wheels: sit and rest your arms on the sides of the chair. Lift the body separating the hip from the chair and feet from the floor. At the same time use your abdomen to create pressure and raise the knees to the chest. Try holding the position for 10 or 20 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds and try again. A series of four repetitions will be ideal to start.

For More Chair exercises for a flat stomach, Check Out The Video Below


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