Circuit training: Ramp Up Your Fat Burning!

Circuit training: Ramp Up Your Fat Burning!

Circuit training: Ramp Up Your Fat Burning!

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 Author: Raya Davis

What is Circuit training?

The circuit training or “circuit training” is a training system which combined exercises with pauses. The exercises are organized in a circuit with 5-10 stations, in each of which a working muscle group.Each exercise can be done by time or repetitions.



Fast & Dirty Circuit Workout | Alex Silver-Fagan

By time it is advisable to work one to two minutes and repetitions of 10 to 20 . The goal is to combine strength training with resistance to prolong in time, thus the training session has a global work. Breaks rest between stations are 1 minute if the intensity is low and 3 minutes.

Once finished the circuit rest 5 to 10 minutes, we moisturize and stretch to start again. With 3-5 laps we will have toned entire body while working resistance, perfect to improve our health.

The key is knowing circuit training exercises. Take an example on how  to work the whole body:

  • Station 1: biceps curl with bar
  • Station 2: strides with dumbbells to work the lower body
  • Station 3: abdominal
  • Season 4: pushups
  • Season 5: half squat
  • Season 6: kicks triceps with dumbbells
  • Station 7: machine step


EDITOR’S TIP: Combine circuit training with healthy lunches for better results.  Click here to find out how

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