# 1 Colon Cleanse For Weight Loss And Health

# 1 Colon Cleanse For Weight Loss And Health

# 1 Colon Cleanse For Weight Loss And Health


There is a saying that goes; “Good health starts in the colon”. This is very true. The body is a machine and every part is responsible for performing a function. If one part fails, the whole body is affected, and health eventually suffers. This is exactly what happens when our intestine are not working at 100%.

When a colon is overloaded with toxic elements and debris, everything is slowed down. Suddenly bloating and constipation  becomes a regular occurrence, and the body becomes sluggish. And a bogged down and toxic body, can never be really healthy.

Thankfully, this can easily be resolved.  Here we will show you the best colon cleanse for weight loss.

How much food do we digest?

According to the studies, in 70 years our intestine processes 100 tons of food. In addition, 40,000 liters of liquids also pass through the intestines. If we do the calculations , 7 kilograms of fecal matter and toxic waste are stored in the intestine. I think by now, it’s pretty clear that this mass of wasste not moving is pretty detrimental.

One of the best ways to scrub the colon clear is by using 2 ingredients that are so simple yet so effective.


Benefits of Linseed Seeds

One of the main benefits is that linseed improves intestinal health. By simply ingesting 1-3 tablespoons of flaxseed flour, is sufficient to clean the intestine and remove fecal matter deposited in it. In addition, it regulates metabolism, eliminates toxins from the body and lowers cholesterol levels.

On top of this, we can deal with other digestion nasties with this seed.


Linseed can help treat:


 The introduction of flax seed flour in your diet will not only cleanse your intestines, but will normalize your weight and will burn excess fat. Flax seeds flour also will lower cholesterol levels.


Linseeds for intestinal health

colon cleanse for weight loss

What we will need:

  • (search at amazon “B000EDBQ6A” )Flaxseed meal.,
  • (search at amazon “B002ZIDELM” )Kefir,

Preparation and use:

Mix the kefir and flaxseed together.

  • 1st week: 1 tbsp flax seed flour and 4 oz kefir.
  • 2nd week: 2 tbsp flax seed flour and 4 oz kefir.
  • 3rd week: 3 tbsp flax seed flour and 5 oz kefir.


This treatment based on flax seed is easy to prepare and follow. The only thing that you will need to do is to substitute breakfast for the mixture.




In case you do not find (search at amazon “B00QFR9X8W” )flaxseed flour, , you can do it yourself by grinding the seeds. After starting the treatment, try to consume 2 liters of water daily for better results. If the water is mixed with honey, then the result will be even better.

In case the (search at amazon “B002ZIDELM” )kefir, is not available to you locally, you can substitute it with natural yogurt without sugar. After the 3 weeks is over, you will notice a dramatic improvement to your health.




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