Dry Skin Brushing – How A Brush Can Change Your health

Dry Skin Brushing – How A Brush Can Change Your health

Dry Skin Brushing - How A Brush Can Change Your health


What is dry skin brushing?

Dry skin brushing, even the words seem peculiar on the tongue. You’re only supposed to scrub your skin wet, dry brushing will damage and stretch it – right? At least that’s what I thought, until a few months ago. Then a well meaning friend bought me a dry brush as a gift, and I haven’t looked back since. Below I look at the profound benefits that something so simple can have on your overall body health.

Dry skin brushing Key Benefits

Image result for dry skin brushingYour skin is a wonderful, and complex system made up of nerves, glands, and cell layers. If it’s in top shape it maintains a protection against extreme temperatures and chemicals.

It also has the ability to produce antibacterial substances that in turn protect you from infection, and enables your body to produce vitamin D when exposed to the sun. The densely packed nerve cells on your skin are constantly interacting with your brain, allowing your skin to play a vital part in interacting with the world around you.

Another important role your skin plays is supporting detoxification. So if your skin is overrun with toxins or dead skin cells, it cannot eliminate waste from your body efficiently.

Enter in dry skin brushing. Not only does it remove dead skin cells but it also activates waste removal via your lymph nodes. And there are a myriad of other benefits including;


  1. It stimulates Your Lymphatic System

Dry skin brushing benefits - Improves Skin's Health And Beauty - Natural Bristle - Remove Dead Skin And Toxins, Cellulite Treatment , Improves Lymphatic Functions, Exfoliates, Stimulates Blood CirculationYour lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating cellular waste products. There are literally hundreds of miles of lymphatic tubules which allow waste to be collected from your tissues and transported to your blood for elimination, a process called lymphatic drainage.

A non functioning lymphatic system means, waste and toxins building up and eventually making you ill. In fact, lymphatic


(search at amazon “B00LIBEBTG”) Dry Skin Body Brush – Improves Skin’s Health And Beauty – Natural Bristle – Remove Dead Skin And Toxins, Cellulite Treatment , Improves Lymphatic Functions, Exfoliates, Stimulates Blood Circulation,


Congestion is a major factor leading to inflammation and disease. So stimulating your lymphatic system helps to release toxins, and dry skin brushing is a powerful aid in this process.


  1. Exfoliation

Imagine trying to look through a window that’s full of dust. That’s exactly how it is when your body is full of dry skin. No cream will improve the skins appearance if the layers of old skin are yet to be sloughed away. Dry skin brushing removes dead dry skin, clears your clogged pores, and allows your skin to “breathe.”


  1. Increase Circulation

Anytime you dry brush your skin, it increases circulation to your skin, which encourages the elimination of metabolic waste.


  1. Reduces Cellulite
Image result for dry skin brushing cellulite results
These are the actual results from daily dry skin brushing!

Banish those lumpy areas without any expensive treatments. Dry skin brushing may help to soften hard fat deposits below the skin while distributing fat deposits more evenly. This in turn may help to diminish the appearance of cellulite.It also reduces cellulite by removing toxins which may in turn break down connective tissue. Some say that this is a temporary thing, and results from the skin being “swollen” after brushing. However, there have been reports of people seeing permanent results. See this before and after picture.



  1. Stress Relief

Well brushing is also quite therapeutic. The act of dry brushing may decrease tension, calm your mind, and relieve stress. Many compare it to a light whole-body massage.


  1. Improve Digestion and Kidney Function

Dry skin brushing goes even deeper, helping to support your digestion and organ function. According to a skin care and spa expert:3

“…many naturopathic doctors use dry brushing to help with bloating because massaging the lymph nodes helps the body shed excess water and toxins. One of the immediate effects of dry brushing is smoother skin, but it can also help improve digestion, kidney function, and more.”


  1. It’s Invigorating

I can attest to that! Use dry brushing in the morning and it’s like a bristly alarm poking at those parts that haven’t quite woken up. Many people become “addicted” to dry skin brushing (in a good way) because it simply feels so good. Not a bad addiction when you consider it also comes with glowing and tighter skin, regular dry skin brushers report feeling invigorated after a quick session.


Dry Brushing: How to Do It!

dry skin brushing You will need a good quality dry brush. Its very important that the bristles are made from natural fibres as synthetic can tug at the skin. They should feel stiff but not overly so. And try and choose a brush with a long handle so you can reach your entire back and other hard-to-reach spots.

If you want to reap the benefits, dry skin brushing should be done daily preferably in the morning, or even twice a day if you like. Try incorporating it into your normal daily routine, such as doing your brushing before your morning shower and maybe after work (avoid doing it too close to bedtime, as it may leave you feeling energized).

Your brushing should always be towards your heart, which is best for circulation and your lymphatic system. Start at your feet (include your soles) and work your way up your legs to your arms, chest, back, and stomach. Avoid brushing your face (unless you have a special brush designed for this delicate skin), your genitals, or any areas with irritations or abrasions (including varicose veins).

Apply firm pressure but not painful (avoid “scrubbing”). Your skin should be blushing after a session (but not red or irritated) and you can brush for as long (or as little) as you’d like. On average dry brushing session may last between two and 20 minutes.

Try It… you might like it.

The average dry skin brush can cost under (search at amazon “B00LIBEBTG” )$20 (£13), – but the pay-off is huge. If you’ve never tried it, give it a whirl, you may be surprised when you find you are brushing yourself to good health.

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