Goji Berry – How It Can Enhance Your Health

Goji Berry – How It Can Enhance Your Health

Goji Berry - How It Can Enhance Your Health


Goji berry (pronounced Goyi) is a dried fruit of a deep red color. It’s About the size of a raisin and with a flavor that could resemble a cross between blueberry and cherry. It grows on shrubs that can reach a height of 4.5 meters in the valleys protected by the Himalayas, Tibet and Mongolia.
The Hunzas, inhabitants of the valleys of the Himalayas, are known to be the most healthy and happy Earth people. In fact, their remarkable health and exceptional longevity have always attracted attention.

Its peculiar resistance to disease and aging could be due to the extraordinary conditions under which they live, at 4,000 meters high and no pollution of any kind, and food.
They exist in Asia abundant legends about Goji. These berries are so revered that throughout Central Asia, every year a feast is made to honor the Goji that lasts two weeks. This is not surprising, since it’s the food that ancient Chinese medicine uses to recover the chi or vital energy.


Natural Healer

Tibet have been used for thousands of years. It is said that the first natural healers arose in the Himalayas, and who shared their wisdom with the ancient herbalists of China, Tibet and India. Goji berries appear already mentioned in a medical treatise of the Tang Dynasty in the seventh century and a compendium of Materia Medica of Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty, published in the sixteenth century. Its use is also widespread in traditional medicine of Korea, Japan and Tibet.


Goji berry


 The Better Berry


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There are many varieties of goji berries, but the best known are the variety “Lycium Barbarum” that grows in the Himalayan mountains.
Tibetan Goji berries grow wild and are sun – dried naturally in altitudes above 4000 meters. In the Himalayas they produced some of the most extreme weather conditions on Earth. January temperatures hovering around 40 degrees below zero, while in summer can exceed 30 degrees.

More than 4000 meters high, the thin atmospheric layer (contains one – third less oxygen than at sea level) and the long sunny days, resulting in a high level of solar energy. To survive and thrive in these harsh conditions, wolfberry has developed unique characteristics.


Main benefits of goji berries

There are numerous health benefits of goji berries . Their nutritional profile is not found in any other food or fruit. As concerns the wolfberry berries macronutrients are carbohydrates (68%), protein (12%), fat (10%) and dietary (10%) fiber. The total caloric value of 100gm of dried berries is about 370 kcal.


Packed With Nutrients

The goji raisins contain 19 amino acids, including essential amino acids . Also contains minerals and trace elements such as calcium (112mg / 100gm), potassium (1132mg / 100gm), iron (9mg / 100gm), zinc (2 mg / 100gm) and selenium (50 ug / 100gm) etc. Selenium and germanium are useful in the treatment of cancer. Vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, C and E are also found in appreciable amounts. It contains carotenoids including β – carotene, lutein, lycopene and xanthophyll. The content of carotene is higher than carrot which provides good antioxidant properties . Also it contains essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid that promotes fat loss.

Goji berries also help in  weight loss . Drink Goji juice has been used as a way to help you lose weight for years. It is said that reduces appetite and speeds up the process of burning fat. Since it also increases energy levels, it is easier to exercise and follow a diet regimen.


Another property of Goji are its  anti-aging properties, due to the large amount of antioxidants  that has, which slows the aging process.


The goji berries are well considered when it comes to  improve eyesight . It has been found that Goji fruits contain high percentage of B-carotene (about 8 mg / 100 g) biologically active, which makes it easily assimilated by the body.

The fruits are also very effective for the  proper functioning of the liver and kidneys, and generally taken internally to treat high blood pressure, poor eyesight, diabetes, lumbago, vertigo, menopausal complaints and impotence


Goji Berry And Kidneys


Goji berries contain a special polysaccharides which is called master molecules including LBP1, LBP2, LPB3 and LPB4, that work to enhance immune system. Furthermore, polysaccharides can assist the pituitary gland in the anterior in brain to secrete more Human Growth Hormone, which reverses signs of aging. It’s actually very beneficial for patients with kidney failure to eat goji berries, as it enhances the immune system, which prevents further kidney damage.

Recover kidney function.

Goji berries can be excellent for removing wastes and toxins from body. Once the waste is gone, it reduces kidney deterioration, so kidney function can be recovered. In addition, due antibacterial function, goji berries can prevent kidneys from damage of oxygen free radicals and toxins.

The role of Goji berries and Kidney Functions are explained further below.



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Fresh, dried, juice …

Goji Berries can be taken alone or added to other foods such as yogurt, vegetable drinks, cereals, juices, milk shakes … or as part of different recipes. Also available in the market Goji juice and extract capsules.


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