Flex Belt Review – Do Muscle Stimulators Really Work?

Flex Belt Review – Do Muscle Stimulators Really Work?

Flex Belt Review - Do Muscle Stimulators Really Work?

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The Flex Belt gives “patented EMS [electric muscle stimulation]… technology” that effectually works to tone and tighten up ab muscles with just 30 minutes each day. It can be used anytime and anywhere, so you don’t need to worry if you have time to use it. Basically you slip it around your waist and you’re on your way to a tighter and flatter stomach.

The sort of technology used in this is way ahead of the competition. And is actually the first of its kind to be backed by the FDA to tone and strengthen abdominal core muscles. Yes – science is backing Flex Belt 100%. This is a huge step in the field of muscle stimulation showing that when the right technology is there, muscle stimulators can work.

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Can you really feel it working? The intensity amount Flex Belt will cover anything from one to a hundred and fifty. You begin at the lowest intensity and bit by bit work your way up. By the time you reach the higher levels, your abdominal muscles will feel sore the next day, just like they would if you had completed hundreds of crunches or sit-ups. For what this can do, for virtually no effort on your part, we have to say the Flex Belt is pretty impressive!


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A Medical-Grade Muscle Simulator That Really works

This is where the science of the Flex Belt comes into play. Exactly what does it mean to be FDA-cleared? It means that the organization lurking behind the technology was necessary to prove the EMS device worked. However not all of us have trust in this simple reality, so let’s glance at the specialized medical results.

According to a study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, “Strength improved by an average of 34% after 4 weeks and increased another 24% in the subsequent 4-week period.” It’s clear that the old thinking that you have to do a thousand crunches to get stronger abs does not apply.

The study went on to report, “For abdominal endurance, the stimulation group had a 100% increase in curl-up performance.” Reductions in waist circumference and abdominal circumference were also noted.

Along with this are studies in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the journal Thorax, the journal Sports Medicine and the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise that show the benefits of EMS.



Flex Belt Used By Pro Athletes

The Flex Belt assures that you will see a big difference in your abs in four to eight weeks. In honesty we don’t think major magazines and professional athletes would get behind this product if it wasn’t worth a try. Both Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan magazines have both completed trials with Flex Belt. Former Ms. Universe Figure Jill Wade; Brain Wade, athlete, model and trainer; Jerry Rice, an all-star from the San Francisco 49ers; and Janet Evans, Olympic gold medalist and World Record holder are all big supporters of Flex Belt and have confessed to using it over the years.

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How Does the Flex Belt Work?

There are three medical-grade gel pads that you place on the abdominal muscles and external obliques. An electric current goes to the pads and this contracts the muscles in a smooth, comfortable manner. You will feel the tension (it lasts only a few seconds) and the gentle release. There’s nothing painful or irritating about the process.


Flex Belt Results

The company guarantees that you’ll see results with the Flex Belt within weeks, but that’s not all. 100% of users find they have tighter, more toned stomachs with 30 minutes of usage, five days a week. 49% witnessed an increase in strength and 72% saw a boost in endurance. The great part is that you don’t have to head to the gym. All you need to do is wrap the Flex Belt around your waist, wait 30 minutes and that’s it.


Flex Belt Vs. Contour Belt

We’ve been asked many times, “What’s the difference between the Flex Belt and Contour Ab Belt?” That’s an excellent question.


  • Flex Belt: 4 Gel Pads, Free 1 Year Magazine Subscription
  • Contour Belt: 4 Gel Pads

Money Back Guarantee:

  • Flex Belt: 60 days
  • Contour Belt: 30 days


  • Flex Belt: Two years
  • Contour Belt: One year

Auto-Ship Products:

  • Flex Belt: No
  • Contour Belt: Yes


  • Flex Belt: Rechargeable
  • Contour Belt: 4 AAA batteries

The comparison makes it easy to see what the Flex Belt has over the Contour Belt. It’s just a better value and that’s why it’s our top choice.

Check out below for some of amazing flex belt before and after photos:


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How Much Does It Cost?

You’ll pay $199 for one Flex Belt. This is a EXTREMELY affordable price for a clinically-tested, FDA-approved product.



  • Proven to strengthen, tighten an tone abs .
  • Back by the FDA.
  • Qualifies as a medical-grade device.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Two-year extended, replacement warranty.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Clinical support via studies completed by doctors.


  • You only have 60 days to try it out.


Is the Flex Belt Worth the Money?

The Flex Belt really has everything going for it. No more slaving for hours at the gym trying to get the tighter abs. Now you can take out the blood, sweat and tears from your workout. It fits in with your busy lifestyle and only requires 30 minutes, five days a week. Plus, the price is VERY affordable. Not to mention, there is a 100% money-back guarantee.

Want to make it even more simple? Tackle your abdominal exercises with the Flex Belt while you watch TV, reading, cooking dinner or tone and flatten your stomach all while doing chores around the house. No need to set aside free time for Flex Belt, just strap it on tone and tighten.

We recommend taking advantage of the Flex Belt guarantee right away. You have nothing to lose, but you can gain tighter, stronger stomach muscles in just 30 minutes.

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