28 Foods High In Fiber That Do More Than Just “Fill You Up”

28 Foods High In Fiber That Do More Than Just “Fill You Up”

28 Foods High In Fiber That Do More Than Just "Fill You Up"


What is fiber?

“You have to eat more fiber!” Is the anthem of many healthy eaters, you may have been told that yourself. “This food contains fiber and that’s why it’s good,” is also a phrase used when talking about beneficial foods. But let’s be honest, few people actually know what fiber is.

In addition to helping prevent constipation , high fiber diets prevent diseases, diverticulosis, and also controls diabetes  mellitus, obesity  or colon cancer.



Types of fiber

  • The soluble fiber attracts water and passes through the digestion at a slower rate, it also an effective way to reduce cholesterol . It is found in oat bran, barley, nuts, seeds, lentils and some fruits and vegetables.
  • The insoluble fiber is wheat bran, vegetables and whole grains. This type of fiber speeds up the passage of food in the stomach and intestines.




Dietary fiber adds bulk to the diet; It also causes a feeling of satiety that helps control weight.

Besides this, fiber works closely with the intestinal flora. This is a group of bacteria that live in the intestine responsible for digesting food and absorbing nutrients. Fiber also helps give consistency to feces and promotes intestinal transit. In addition to this, it reduces absorption of cholesterol , glucose  and bile acids.

A diet low in fiber, for prolonged periods, can trigger issues like chronic constipation, diverticulitis, colon cancer,irritable bowel syndrome  or ulcerative colitis.


Benefits of Fiber

According to recent studies, regular consumption of fiber shows decreased risk in cardiovascular disease , infections and respiratory issues both in men and women.

Other major benefits of fiber is that it helps keep the intestines clean and healthy , since it prevents constipation and accumulation of toxins in the body.

It also helps to prevent various diseases such as diverticulosis.  a disease caused by excessive pressure on the intestinal walls to evacuate inconsistent stool, or obesity, being more satiating than food without fiber.

Finally, there are some studies indicating that those who consume more foods rich in fiber have less chance of developing colon cancer.



28 Foods high in fiber


All fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds are all high in fiber but the 28 foods listed below are some of the highest sources of fiber.


  1. Bran Cereal
  2. Black Beans
  3. Lentils
  4. Oats
  5. Artichoke
  6. Avocado
  7. Peas
  8. Soybeans
  9. Quinoa
  10. Navy Beans
  11. Baked beans
  12. Lima Beans
  13. Kidney beans
  14. Kale
  15. Blackberries
  16. Squash
  17. Flax Seeds
  18. Garbanzo beans
  19. Raspberries
  20. Apple
  21. Pear
  22. Carrots
  23. Broccoli
  24. Raisins
  25. Dates
  26. Bran Muffins
  27. Dried Figs
  28. Potatoes


5 ways Fiber helps you look good naked…


  1. Fiber prevents you from overeating and gaining weight because it makes you feel full.
  2. Fiber helps Kill all your sugar cravings.
  3. Fiber gives you an even greater feeling of fullness and higher energy levels throughout the day.
  4. Fiber also slows down the digestion of foods you eat keeping your blood sugar/energy levels in check preventing you from getting hungry.
  5. Fiber is highly thermogenic meaning every time you eat fiber your body has to burn a lot of fat just to digest the fiber you eat.

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