How To Get Six Pack Abs in 30 Days

How To Get Six Pack Abs in 30 Days



The idea of having a six pack that “pops” is one that probably run through many peoples minds. Who doesn’t want to wake up to find their jelly belly transformed into strong, lean, solid abs? So the question you’re wanting to know is “How to get six Pack abs in 30 days”, and “is that even possible?” The answer is a resounding…it depends. Now, if you only have a few extra pounds to lose, maybe 10 or 15 then you can certainly see that rippling six pack in one month. But if you have a few more pounds hanging around then you will probably have to wait a little while on those Abs. Still, everyone can benefit from the below methods for getting six pack Abs.


Burn More Than You Eat – Calorie Deficient

How To Get Six Pack Abs In A Month

Needless to say, on the road to six pack abs success, diet is up there as one of the most important things you can do for your body.

To really burn through belly fat, you also need to understands what it means to lose weight. To burn fat you have to use more calories than you’re ingesting. Since 1/2 kilo (1 lb) is about 3500 calories, you have to burn 3500 calories more than you eat or drink to lose half a kilo. This, burning more than you consume is a big factor, no matter what you size you are

Many people have been successfully using intermittent fasting as a means of dropping extra weight. They find running at a calorie deficient with this way of eating is pretty simple. Either way, if you stick to lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs you’ll certainly edge a little closer to that six pack.


Keep Your Metabolism Stable

How To Get Six Pack Abs In A Month

While it is not scientifically proven that eating six times a day instead of three will help you lose weight, there are certain foods that can certainly slow down your metabolism. Avoid eating the following foods to keep your metabolism stable :

  • Refined carbohydrates , such as white bread, pasta and rice. These are just waiting to turn to sugar in your system, not to mention the bloat that follows.
  • Sugar , this is absorbed quickly, but makes your metabolism go at an absolute crawl. Avoid where possible.
  • Foods high in fat , such as fast food or fried foods. If you want to know the fastest way to get a spare tire (which I assume you don’t since you are on here looking at how to get six pack abs) it would be trans fats. So if you want to transform…keep off the trans fats.


Forget Spot Reduction

How To Get Six Pack Abs In A Month

Understand that the road to six pack abs is a straight one, no one suddenly gains the ability to spot reduce. Even if you want to exercise your love handles or torso, it will end up effecting every part of your body. So repeat this mantra before trying to lose belly fat: there is no way to spot reduce fat from parts of the body. Since the body fat accumulates in different parts of the body, you’ll lose fat from the entire body all at once.


Drink More Water Each Day.

How To Get Six Pack Abs In A Month

To calculate how much water you need to drink a day, your weight becomes kilos to pounds, divide by 2, then convert that number of ounces to liters and that is what you should be drinking. For example, a person of 68 kg (150 lb) needs at least 2.2 liters of water a day. It seems too much, but include water also obtained from solid foods and other beverages such as tea or milk, and this will help you reach your quota.



Drinking too much water (many liters, especially while you sweat) can dangerously dissolve certain salts and minerals essential for the body. If you train and you sweat a lot, you must replace the salt while drinking water. Complement your intake of water with sports drinks or fruits rich in potassium such as bananas and apples.

Do Cardiovascular Exercises.

How To Get Six Pack Abs In A Month

There’s no getting around it, you ‘ll need to lose fat in order to see those abdominal muscles. Even if you spend weeks doing hard core ab exercises, if your abs are covered with a layer of fat, no ones going to see it anyway. Cardiovascular exercises are those that raise the heart rate for a long time, for example: running , biking , dancing , rowing , etc. Perform these exercises at least three times a week for an hour at least every time.

Try interval training or HIIT. This type of training consists of alternating short and explosive activity followed by milder but more prolonged activity. Researchers have found that this interval training can burn fat better than the longest continuous moderate exercise. One study found that those who practiced cycling doing intervals of 20 minutes a day, lost an average of 2 kilos, more in a period of 4 months than participants that biked at the same speed for 40 minutes a day.


Try To Eat less In The Evening.

The meals we consume later tend to accumulate in the body, not only because your metabolism slows down, but because it’s around this time many people are reaching for the pizza or ice cream which (lets face it) is not going to burn before bedtime.

Try to eat a bigger lunch or healthier snack before dinner time. Fruits and vegetables are excellent to whet the appetite, and as a bonus they are beneficial to health. A handful of nuts like almonds or pistachios are also a good choice.

Try to drink a large glass of water or tea just before sitting down to eat. Your stomach will feel fuller and you will also eat less.


Abs Workout With a Wheel Slide (AB Roller).

How To Get Six Pack Abs In A Month
Exercising with ab wheels are a power way to get six pack abs

(search at amazon “B016CMNWDQ”) PharMeDoc Ab Roller – The Ultimate Exercise Wheel – With Reinforced Steel Handles – Abdominal Carver to Strengthen & Tone Core – Training & Fitness Equipment for Home Gym – Burn Belly Fat Fast,
Lying on the floor with your knees at 90 degrees, hold the wheel and slowly push it away from your body, stretching her arms. Low much as you can without your torso off the ground. Your arms should be well stretched over your head.

If you can’t get hold of a AB Roller, try a barbell. You can use an Olympic bar loaded with two to five kilos (5 to 10 pounds) on each side. Put yourself in pushup position, hands on the bar instead of on the floor. Slowly raise your hips and bring the bar to your ankles, while your legs are placed perpendicular to the ground and your buttocks go back. Slowly back and repeat.

The Spiderman Plank



Squat Thrust W/Twist


How To: Ab Pulldown


Hanging Leg Raise


If you need a little more help to get those six pack ab, watch the video below to fin out how you can get EVEN faster results.

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