How To lose Cheek Fat in less than 2 weeks

How To lose Cheek Fat in less than 2 weeks



There is a lot of emphasis on working the body out when it comes to fitness, but what if your body is starting to look the way you want, yet your face isn’t on the same bandwagon? There may be occasions where you feel uncomfortable taking pictures or even smiling (a situation plagued by many people with chubby cheeks). So the question is, how to lose cheek fat, and can certain areas of the face be targeted with exercise and diet? Read on to find out more. 

What are the main causes chubby cheeks?

–  If you are overweight then this will be evident all over

– The body is Lacking certain nutrients

– Too much sugar, salt, fat and carbohydrates

– Stress and a lack of Sleep
– Water retention (this can be down to too many processed foods and not enough water)
– Chubby cheeks are hereditary

So Can you spot reduce fat from specific part of your body?

 The short answer is – No. Your body loses fat from all areas and will never take it from one place “Spot Fat-Reduction” is pretty much a myth. But don’t be disheartened, there are things that you can do right now that will help improve the appearance of chubby cheeks and tone the entire face in general. If you start implementing some of the tips here, you should see a difference in as little as 2 weeks.


How To lose Cheek Fat  Tip 1. Avoid Alcohol

The one thing that alcohol is very good at doing is dehydrating the body. It doesn’t matter if you drink  beer, wine, or hard liquor, it will do the same thing. Once you body is dehydrated, it will try its best to hold onto the fluids in your system giving you a bloated appearance, which includes your face.  If you do have alcohol be sure to drink it with lots of water. But when  you want to see a big difference in your facial fat, I would give it a miss whenever possible.


How To lose Cheek Fat  Tip 2. Control Your Salt Intake:

If you have ever stuffed yourself silly with junk foods like pizzas, popcorn, hotdogs and chips then you may think the puffy stomach you experience afterwards is fat. Most times because of the high salt content in Junk and processed foods, this is simply water retention, which in  turn causes a bloated face.


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How To lose Cheek Fat  Tip 2. Eat Protein and Nutrient Rich Foods:

Nutrient-rich foods and protein all help make your body function properly, once that happens your system will get rid of waste and burn fat more easily. Replace sugar and salt laden foods with fresh vegetables, fruits, fibrous and protein dense foods. Another way to increase your nutrient uptake is to eat Superfoods that are packed with vitamins and minerals.


EDITOR’S TIP: Click here to uncover the best superfoods for health and weight loss.


How To lose Cheek Fat  Tip 4. Perform Strength Training Exercise For At least 4-6 days a week:

There are few better ways to boost your metabolism than to increasing muscle mass. Weight lifting is a perfect way to do this, helping your body lose its overall body fat percentage. If you happen to be a woman or even a man who is worried that weight lifting will bulk you up, read the article below to find out why you may have been misguided in that idea:

Check it out here:
The Real Deal Facts on Toning vs. Bulking Up


How To lose Cheek Fat  Tip 5. Get more water into your system on a regular basis

Though it may seem strange, the more you drink the less your body will hold onto water in the tissues. Water flushes out excess sodium along with excess water and hydrates your entire system. Once hydrated, your tissues won’t need to hold onto water and it will release the excess making the face appear less bloated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

How To lose Cheek Fat Facial Exercises


Blow Balloons

The whole process of blowing balloons makes for a great cheek exercise. Fill a balloon with air and while you blow this feel your cheek muscles expand. Release the air from the balloon and do this process again 10 times. Many people who have added this to their cheek slimming routine have seen a significant difference in the tone and look of their cheeks within weeks.

How To lose Cheek Fat

Rotating Tongue Exercise

This is a powerful yet simple exercise to reduce puffy cheeks.With lips sealed, rotate your tongue in circular motions inside the mouth. During the rotation, the tongue has to touch your outer surface of your upper and lower teeth. Do this 15 times clockwise then anticlockwise.

Facial Massage

Not only are facial massages great for the skin, they are an effectual way to reduce chubby cheeks and tone the face. Puffiness is usually excess fluid buildup which settles on the face and neck. If massaged regularly with ginseng oil or wheat germ oil this will stimulate blood circulation, and drain lymphatic build-up and water retention.

How To lose Cheek Fat

Follow these steps:

– Apply the wheat germ or ginseng oil to your face and neck.
– The motion to apply this oil should be upwards direction. Begin at your chin and move gently upwards in circular motion. Do this 5 times.
– With your fingertips, gently tap from the corners of your lips moving gradually towards the ear. Do this 10 times.
– Next, move fingers without the thumb along your jawline, apply firm and upward strokes. Do this 5 to 6 times.

The Gargle Exercise

This is a potent trick to tone and reduce facial chubbiness. Simply gargle warm water 3 to 4 times in a day, taking a mouthful and swishing it around your mouth. This can be done anytime, anywhere. even just before bedtime.

Smiling Fish Exercise

If you want an effective way to tone and firm cheeks, reduce puffiness and strengthens your cheeks muscles, this exercise is a must. It is particularly good at toning the lower portion of the face around the chin. It looks a little silly, but I don’t think you’ll mind once your cheeks get firmed up. Although probably not the best exercise to do on the drive to work!  Suck those cheeks in and  make a fish face while trying to smile. Hold this position. Do this for a count of 10 seconds and then repeat this 5 times.

How To lose Cheek Fat

Some other Useful Tips for Reducing Cheek Fat. Watch the video Below






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