Infrared Sauna For Weight Loss. Is This The Anti-Fat Solution?

Infrared Sauna For Weight Loss. Is This The Anti-Fat Solution?

Infrared Sauna For Weight Loss. Is This The Anti-Fat Solution?



In certain cultures healing and purifying the pores and skin through heat treatment is nothing new. The Native Americans used sweat lodges for their physical and spiritual cleansing benefits and the Scandinavians have used saunas for generations.

These days saunas are a common way to unwind, socialize and detoxify the body. Traditional saunas and far infrared saunas cause your body to perspire and the heart rate to increase and both have a great number of health benefits. However a lot of people use saunas simply to rest and relax, although some use them to detoxify the entire body and many even say that infrared saunas can help them shed inches and lose weight.

Infrared saunas are becoming increasingly popular because they heat up the body with warm, dry heat at a lower temperature than traditional saunas and are able to generate greater moisture in less time. The idea behind it being that greater the amount of perspiration, the more effective the sauna session.



That they Work? Conventional saunas warm-up the air with warmth and humidity while much infrared saunas use light to create heat. Far infrared saunas only heat 20 percent of the surrounding air so more heat is readily available for heating up the body.


Infrared Sauna For Weight Loss
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Essentially infrared light heats your body up from the inside—so infrared sauna are in essence like typical saunas except without the suffocating, oppressive, stifling, heat that gets unbearable so quickly. This makes infrared saunas a good option for those who find the high temperature of conventional saunas difficult to manage. So the infrared sauna pod heats you, and not the air. By doing this, it is supposed to increase metabolic function (aka burn calories), detoxify, stimulate the production of collagen, de-stress, and assist in the recovery of pain, injury, and illness by dilating blood vessels to encourage circulation and deliver oxygen throughout your body.




Along wit this, infrared rays make the water molecules in the body vibrate and break down, this releases toxins so they can be sweated out fast.  Although infrared saunas are usually used for their potential to detoxify the body, the questions is, can infrared saunas really help you lose weight and keep the pounds from coming back in the long run?




Naturopathic physician Gabrielle Francis, states “You can burn 1,000 calories in a 1-hour infrared heat session; plus, you eliminate excess water retention that is being caused by toxicity.” (She also says that  infrared heat helps detox and rid the body of infection, and claims that she has found success in using it as a complimentary treatment for Lyme disease.) And there is  Higher Dose in New York City, who say a natural buzz or feeling of euphoria is a resulting perk; a recent study confirms this. (“Dose” stands for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins—happiness chemicals they believe are activated by the process.)


Below is a video of Infrared Sauna Detox: Tips for Max Benefits & Safety, Step by Step Demo




For that reason alone, you can well understand the attraction to using infrared saunas. Where else can you simply relax, sit or lie down an burn up to 1,000 calories? In fact you’d be hard pressed, even with general exercising to burn that many calories. Even vigorous exercises like; running, cycling or swimming burn just half that amount per 30 minutes sessions.

As promising as these claims are, you should also take into consideration that sweat sessions alone can’t compensate for a bad diet or lack of exercising. It is not a band aid to compensate for doing the right thing for your body day in and day out. For certain you will be burning a lot more calories by having infrared sauna sessions. However, if care isn’t taken outside of these sessions, theses pound losses won’t be long term



What needs to be considered when using infrared saunas is this: are you losing weight or simply dropping water weight? When boxers and other professional fighters need to cut weight in the shortest amount of time possible, they deploy saunas to drain out all excess water from their systems before hitting the scale. After the fight,  they may have regained the weight through simply re-hydrating themselves. It is not rare for a fighter to be 145 pounds on the scales when they enter the ring, and be 170 pounds a mere 48 hours later.

Though the example of boxers and their weight gains/losses are evident, there are still many people who have lost weight via infrared saunas. One study conducted on infrared saunas and weight loss was published in 2003. The study uses 12 obese patients who had daily infrared saunas sessions for a quarter-hour at a time. After the study, the patients had lost significant weight and extra fat and it was concluded that infrared saunas treatment could be a promising remedy for obesity.

However, it should be noted that the study was only conducted on a small group of people so the wider implications and studies have to yet been assessed.  It is possible that infrared saunas treatment, blended in with other lifestyle changes can be quite effective. Also, nothing in the studies finds any harmful results caused by infrared saunas treatment.

And the theory that infrared sauna’s do nothing more than drop water weight as in the boxer example? There are some researchers who persist of infrared saunas prolonged weight loss benefits. The claim is that the procedure for sweating itself causes the entire body to burn off excess fat. So while you will regain water weight that was lost–not all the weight you lose would be from water.



  • To Detox: The main function of the infrared saunas is to make you perspire. Sweating is a great thing because it helps to flush unwanted and harmful toxins out of your body. Infrared saunas promote a deeper perspiration in more profuse ways than traditional sauna. A bonus is that you will get rid of a greater number of harmful toxins than you would in an ordinary sauna.
  • Helps you get more out of your sauna sessions: Infrared saunas are also easier for most people to tolerate because they operate at a far lower heat than traditional saunas. 15 to 20 day sessions are usually suggested but a lot of folks are in a position to comfortably remain in the sauna for for a longer time periods. 2.
  • Infrared saunas relax the muscles: Saunas are a wonderful way to wind down also to relax and repair those tired muscles and joints. The increased body temperature you experience from sauna treatment helps increase the body’s blood circulation and stimulate the stream of blood necessary to repair damaged muscles and joints. Just a few weekly sessions in an infrared saunas might be enough to help you to ease any muscle rigidity and joint pain. Persons with more chronic conditions like rheumatism can enjoy the advantages of infrared saunas treatment that can help to reduce inflammation and firmness. Many athletes use saunas to treat muscular problems following exercise also to help recover from injury.
  • For the skin: Another great thing about infrared saunas treatment is that it can benefit how you look and feel by increasing the overall health and appearance of your skin. The temperature from infrared saunas promotes and stimulates the body’s blood circulation and increases the movement of blood to skin while flushing away the damaging toxins that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Sweat treatment also increases the production of collagen; an important factor in increasing the tone and overall appearance of your skin area.
  • For cold and influenza: There are statements that infrared saunas can increase your white blood cellular count and boost the reply of your defense system. If you are like you are coming down with an annoying cold and also the flu then it might be worth a visit to your neighborhood infrared saunas to see if you can trim eliminate your symptoms prior to them getting any worse.





Infrared saunas are certainly a great way to relax. A few brief sessions weekly will leave you feeling expending peaceful and your aching muscles should feel a little less stiff and sore.

Your can give your body a possibility to eliminate unwanted harmful toxins with the added added bonus of fresher, healthier plus more attractive skin. When it comes to weight damage, bear in mind that infrared saunas only will help as part of an overall weight loss package. Saunas alone will not replace the more success results of a healthy diet and routine workouts.


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Is it worth it?

A single infrared therapy session generally costs around $50 at a spa or wellness center, while installing an infrared sauna at home (like Jen Aniston reportedly did) can set you back several thousand dollars.  However it should be noted that there are now cheaper versions on the market that will cost considerably less. And although there has been some scientific research conducted around infrared heat’s benefits, it’s by no means an extensive amount.

But even if you’re not convinced that infrared heat itself is the holy grail of wellness, says Harounian, there’s no question that basking in its rays with no other agenda is seriously relaxing.

And, he adds, “Anything that reduces stress helps so many different conditions—that’s what makes infrared saunas so incredible.” Looks like planks and box jumps aren’t the only path to a good—and good-for-you—sweat.

If you want to try infrared heat therapy for yourself, there are a few things you’ll need to have at the ready—a sweat-proof hairstyle, an arsenal of detox recipes, and of course your own infrared sauna  (this one‘s less than 200 dollars). Which is quite something when you consider that the majority costs around $1500 and upwards.


(3) Effect of Sweating, Ward Dean, MC, JAMA. 1981;246(6):623. doi:10.1001/jama.1981.03320060027013

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