How Intermittent fasting Changed My Waistline – And My Life

How Intermittent fasting Changed My Waistline – And My Life

How Intermittent fasting Changed My Waistline - And My Life

Author. Jenny Detizio




If you had asked me 2 years ago what intermittent fasting was, I’d be sat there looking at you with a blank stare.

As a rule, fasting and depriving myself of food was a big no-no. Balance was the key, it was something I advocated as a nutritionist and something I lived by – for the most part.

Then we had the big move to Montreal, buying a house that had way more work needed than me and my husband Bob ever imagined.


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The pounds crept on…

And I hadn’t even noticed! I blamed my ever expanding waist line on bloating and being “windy”. Needless to say, I avoided scales like mice avoid pest control.  

Below is me at my heaviest. Hubby took a picture of me at the beach having a whale of a time (no pun intended).

When I saw myself, I’m not kidding when I say I literally didn’t recognize myself. I had been scale dodging, and mirror avoiding so long, I had made up another version of myself in my mind. In my head I was this slightly curvy, sassy, and still “had it going on” (pause to snap fingers) woman!

I was not this dumpy, saggy person with a slight pot belly . But there was the evidence staring me the face. 


My heaviest moment.

intermittent fasting
Before intermittent fasting


Now I’m not knocking being a bigger lady, I still think I had my good days – even then. But it wasn’t the right weight for me, and I didn’t feel…well, I didn’t feel good about what I saw in the mirror.

So I did the usual. I got down to business;  cut out sweets, portion control, in fact everything I had done in the past to lose the weight. Except… it wasn’t working.

What worked in my twenties and early thirties just didn’t cut it anymore. Time and bad habits can be brutal on the metabolism.

…So I’ll be honest and say, soon after my diet, I started rooting around the cupboards, looking for some comfort foods that made me feel oh so uncomfortable.


But it all changed after returning back to the UK…
 On my return to the UK, I bumped into an old friend. She looked amazing. She had become so toned and slim and simply glowed with health.


I looked on in awe and mild embarrassment.


We sat in that cafe for hours, talking about everything other than weight. And I was glad she hadn’t called to attention the obvious change in me. After all, I had always been the “thin one” and she had always been the one who struggled with her weight. But here we were…

Then I thought, I can either hop back on the plane and never know how this once pudgy woman got so svelte and gorgeous, or I can just swallow my pride and ask.

Though she hadn’t even mentioned my weight gain, lovely lady that she is, the moment I asked how she got her slim figure back, she was tripping over herself to tell me.


That’s when I learnt about intermittent fasting…


I had so many questions; what is intermittent fasting? what was the intermittent fasting diet? Aside from weight loss what are the intermittent fasting benefits?  We spent the rest of day discussing intermittent fasting, and I was so engrossed I knew it was something I had to try.

I’m glad that I did, below is me at my current weight. 

intermittent fasting
After intermittent fasting


Now fast forward 1 year, that’s how long I and hubby have been on this intermittent fasting thing. Yes, he got in on the act too. He told me one day, soon after I started, that he didn’t want to look like a “big ole hammock” (his words not mine) while I got slimmer and slimmer.

I wasn’t complaining. Much as I love my bear of a man, I was glad to have a partner crime…


How we did the intermittent fasting


I skip breakfast every day, I ALSO eat 2 meals, the 1st at approximately 1pm and the second around 8pm. Then, hubby and I fast for 16 hours until we start eating again the following day at 1pm.

Surprisingly, since the I’ve been intermittent fasting I’ve actually increased muscle mass and I have also decreased body fat ( from 31% now 23%).

And whereas before I was doing at least 5 hours training per week just to get that my weight down, I’ve cut back on my training routine by a couple of hours and I’m still seeing results! This is the same for hubby, who is just glad to see his belly go and I’m thrilled about seeing the back of my back fat!


intermittent fasting
He’s glad to see the fat gone too!


So in other words, I’m stronger, leaner, AND more energetic and I use the gym less AS WELL AS eat less.


So how is this possible? Isn’t skipping breakfast bad for you? Why would anyone skip food for 16 hours every day? are there any benefits of intermittent fasting? is there any kind of science behind this? is intermittent fasting dangerous?

Ok whoa, slow down! I’ve been known to do many crazy things, but this is definitely legit. It’s effortless and something anyone can implement in their lifestyle IN ADDITION TO getting tons of health benefits. I am going to break down intermittent fasting AND everything it involves.

EDITOR’S TIP: Click here to find out the truth behind low carb diets and how it affects you.



What is intermittent fasting AND why would anyone Do It?


Intermittent fasting is actually not a diet, it’s the pattern of eating. It’s a good method of scheduling your current foods so that you your food works for you in the best possible way. Intermittent fasting doesn’t change what people eat, It changes what happens to the person as soon as they decide to eat.

This is, most notably, a great way to obtain lean muscle without going on a crash diet or cutting calories down to nothing. In fact, when you eat (and in the eating phase you can have as much food as you like) you’ll find that naturally your appetite decreases and you may not want that extra chicken or bowl of ice-cream.

And lets call spade a spade, the main reason someone tries intermittent fasting will be to lose fat. We’ll talk about how intermittent fasting leads to fat loss in a moment.

Perhaps more importantly, intermittent fasting is a easy approach to getting a handle on your eating habits. For some people, and certainly with myself, there’s a freedom in knowing I can eat what I like (if I choose) and nothing is off limits. Knowing this is a lifestyle also takes the pressure off, because I can plan ahead. I also loved how this simple idea produces big results.



How does Intermittent fasting work?


To realize how intermittent fasting leads to fat loss, my hubby and I initially needed to be able to recognize the difference between fed state as well as the fasted state.

Your body is actually on the fed state whenever it is digesting, IN other words absorbing food. Typically, the fed state starts As soon as people begin eating IN ADDITION TO another three to five hours afterwards where you body is digesting what you have eaten. When you are in a fed state, it’s very tough for your body to be able to burn fat because insulin levels tend to be high.

After that time span, your own body goes into What is known as the post–absorptive state, which is a fancy way of saying the body isn’t processing food. Your post–absorptive state begins seven to 12 hours following your last meal, this is when the individual enters a fasted state. This means its far easier for your body to  burn fat since the your insulin levels are generally lower.

When you’re in a fasted state your body can burn fat, this is the fat that would have been inaccessible throughout the fed state.

Most of the people who start intermittent fasting may lose fat without altering the amount of food they eat, what they eat, or how often they exercise. Fasting puts your current body into a good fat burning state that wouldn’t happen on a normal eating schedule.

The best thing about Intermittent Fasting

While Fat loss is great, it isn’t the singular reason to start intermittent fasting.



1. Intermittent fasting makes things simpler.


I’m big fan of making things easy, IN ADDITION TO reduced stress. Intermittent fasting has helped give myself and my hubby a life we can enjoy. We wake up, and don’t have to worry about breakfast, I simply grab a glass of water AND start THE day.

Though we love cooking, intermittent fasting makes it possible for me to eat one less meal, that means planning one less meal, cooking one less meal, AND stressing about one less meal. Not only does this make life easier, my spouse and I can spend that time together – and I like that a lot.



2. Intermittent fasting can help you live longer.


Scientists have known for a while that restricting calories may be a way of lengthening life. From a logical standpoint, this actually makes sense. Whenever you’re in fast mode, your current body finds steps to extend your own life.

Way back inside 1945 it was discovered that intermittent fasting lengthened life through mice. (Here’s one study.) added recently, this study found The idea alternate day intermittent fasting led to longer lifespans.



3. Intermittent fasting may reduce the risk involving cancer.


This is actually up for debate since there hasn’t been a whole lot of research in this area. Early reports, however, show positive signs leaning to it being effective.

This study of 10 cancer patients suggests how side effects associated with chemotherapy diminished via fasting prior to treatment. This actually received additionally support through another study, which considered alternate dieting would result in superior cure rates IN ADDITION TO fewer deaths.

ALONG WITH disease, fasting appears to also reduce issues with cardiovascular disease.



4. Intermittent fasting will be less difficult than dieting.


The reason many diets fail isn’t a nutrition problem, it’s behavior change problem.

This is usually where intermittent fasting shines because its remarkably trouble-free to implement. A study found that people generally feel happier and more in control when intermittent fasting. A study with obese adults concluded that “subjects quickly adapted” with intermittent fasting routines.




More Weight loss before and after pictures with intermittent fastin


So Done with those crash and burn diets


If you’re like me, and have had enough of diets that work for a hot minute before those lost pounds vacuum themselves back onto your belly and butt, then I would highly recommend intermittent fasting. Is it for everyone? The short answer is no. Some people just don’t like structured eating, and may feel strange having meals at different times to others. All I can tell you is what worked for me, and many others. Try it out and see, hopefully you’ll also get the same amazing results as I did.


You can get a detailed guide on how to start on the path of intermittent fasting with Eat Stop Eat: This book shows you step by step how you can get best out of intermittent fasting to lose weight and get healthier.







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