Maxi Climber Reviews 2017 – Improve Your Fitness Easily And Fast

Maxi Climber Reviews 2017 – Improve Your Fitness Easily And Fast

Maxi Climber Reviews 2017 – Improve Your Fitness Easily And Fast



Vertical climber exercise machines advertise themselves as total body home fitness solutions. They work by providing an intense cardiovascular exercise that engages both the core, legs  and arms.

Essentially what these climbing stepper machines  do is emulate the motions of rock-climbing, utilising your weight for high-impact resistance. This form of exercise increases your cardiovascular endurance while burning calories.

However, finding the right workout machine isn’t always easy. To make things easier for you, today we will be reviewing a well known vertical climber – Maxi Climber – to find out if the hype is actually true.


Maxi Climber Vertical Climber


Maxi Climber A well-known name brand in affordable vertical climbers, the spokes people behind Maxi Climber claim they are the best when it comes to fitness equipment. The Maxi Climber company also says their climber will help you burn fat, increase muscle tone, and dramatically develop your cardiovascular health all at once.


How Maxi Climber works


Maxi Climber strengthens the majority of muscle in your body: biceps, triceps, core, glutes, and more. So instead of working a specific body part, like you would with many other exercise equipment, you get to work the entire body. It comes with some helpful features,  these include; timer, adjustable height, and isometric hand grips.

It is typical to burn up to twenty calories for every minute spent actively working out on the maxi climber vertical climber. Reviewers write of losing over 10 lbs within 2 weeks just by moderate use. They also state that their posture and cardiovascular fitness have also improved.

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

1152 Reviews


Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

  • Ergonomically designed to suit all body types, features adjustable height
  • Personal workout timer starts and stops when you do
  • Isometric non-stick grips
  • Compact folding design which is great for easy storage



  • Quick and easy workout that fine tunes practically all the muscles in your main muscle groups
    at the same time improves your muscle strength and cardiovascular health
  • Has 5 adjustable settings for the height
  • Is compact, so takes up very little space
  • The Maxi Climber Vertical Climber is very quiet, so no worries about excess noise
  • Straight forward assembly, simply take the machine out from the box and start up
  • Simple and Easy to fold up and store in a closet when not in use
  • Another good feature is the Isometric handgrips, these allow you to work out comfortably
  • The price is quite low in comparison to other full-body fitness machines


  • Not recommended for users over 250 lbs
  • The workout is based on your own body weight. You need to increase the difficulty of your workout by lengthening your steps. If you are out of shape, it will take a couple tries to get up to speed
  • Some users wanted to use their climbers barefoot, but the foot pedal grips were too uncomfortable.


Maxi Climber Before And After Pictures

maxi climber before and after


These customers are thrilled with the Maxi Climber results. They posted  ‘before and after’ photos that show a major difference between their former figures and their new sexy shapes.

3 Free Gifts: Calorie and Step counter, 21 Days Maxi-Challenge Meal Plan & Interval Training Guide, Maxi-Challenge Tracking Chart

To maintain your weight loss you can also use the intermediate 21-day meal plan and create the recipes according to your personal tastes. Results are promised within just three sets of ten-minute workouts every week. As you grow in fitness, it’s possible that you might find yourself performing the exercises more often to get extremely lean and toned muscles.

Before You Buy A Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

The best things about purchasing your own fitness equipment is that it gives you the motivation to stay on track. After a larger up-front commitment financially, you get exercise equipment that will last you for years. No more paying out recurring monthly fees for gym membership – costs that all add up. Buying your own maxi climber vertical climber gives you continuous access to a full-body workout whenever you want.


Maxi Climber



The maxi climber is great addition for anyone who already has some degree of physical fitness. This equipment is far easier on your joints than jogging, walking or going on a treadmill. In shape and experienced people may be able to do a thirty-minute session on the maxi vertical climber with no problem.

Image result for maxi climber before and after results
Works glutes, thigh muscles, core strength, biceps, and triceps

All major muscle groups get worked on, which gives a entire body workout without the need for additional weights. The vertical climber will work on sculpting your glutes, thigh muscles, core strength, biceps, and triceps simultaneously, usually using only your body weight as resistance.

And the results of a full body intense workout that maxi climber offers? You will indeed burn more calories than you would on a stationary exercise bike or treadmill. Depending on your level of intensity, it is possible to burn up to twenty calories for each minute you work out. Maxi climber reviews are also quick to state that it can dramatically increase your aerobic capacity.

Maxi climber burn more calories

What about if you’re just getting into the routine of going to the gym? In which case you may need to scale your workouts back on this machine. Even so, it will still be far more intense than spending 30 minute on a treadmill.

However, before you go to the store to purchase your maxi climber, here are a few things to consider:

  • Space: Is there enough space in your home, apartment, or garage to store the maxi climber machine? Although the maxi climber vertical climber is fairly compact and can be tucked away for easy storage (we’ll go into this more later on), it still needs room to unfold.
  • Weight Capacity: The maxi climber vertical climber is only able to accommodate up to 240 pounds. If you currently weigh more than this, a stair-stepper with a higher weight capacity or a treadmill may be a better option for you.



Maxi Climber: What to Expect

Out of the box, the Maxi Climber is fairly small. At only 34 pounds, it’s a cinch unwrapping it and removing the packaging. Unfolded at its full capacity, it only takes up 24 inches by 36 inches with a maximum height of 84 inches (24” x 36” x 84”). It also folds up even smaller (it will already be folded in the box when it arrives) meaning it can be stored away in a closet when it’s not being used.

Once out of the box, this machine is practically ready to go. This saves the hassle of spending hours sat on the floor trying to figure out what goes where, when all you want to do is get going. So essentially, from the moment it arrives, there is no excuses, you can start your new workout regime straightaway.

In less than 20 minutes of opening the box, you should be ready to get on your new maxi climber vertical climber and work up a sweat. I really like how quickly and easily it is to get started, and there’s no worrying about the screw you may have missed out. Just climb on and get toning.


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Quiet Workouts

There few things more annoying than trying to workout while your exercise machine squeaks, creaks and grates away. Not so with The Maxi Climber vertical climber. It operates silently so you can work out, leaving others around you in peace. Perhaps your partner works shifts, or you have a small child who needs to sleep, but you want to work out? Maybe you don’t want to get on the neighbors bad side with creaky exercise equipment, or it could be you simply wanting to get up one night and work out without waking the entire household. The Maxi Climber is so quiet that you could work out whenever you want and no one will lose sleep or peace because of it.

Another bonus, is it’s quiet enough that you can watch television while you work out. If you’re anything like me you’ll welcome the distraction while you workout. There’s something deeply satisfying about keeping up with your favorite shows while still getting into great shape.

The machine also has a built-in timer so you keep track of your active workout minutes.

Hard wearing: Durable Steel Construction

 The Maxi Climber is made mainly from durable cold-rolled steel instead of plastic or a lighter weight metal. These heavy-duty materials used to create the base of this machine so the machine last longer than other more cheaply produced counterparts. This cold-rolled steel makes it equipped to deal with your vigorous movements.

Designed to imitate the natural motion of rock climbing, its possible that your more intense workouts will be pretty hard on the equipment. This is understandable, as you have to be moving pretty quickly to burn up to 600 calories in an hour. One thing to note is that the machine can slide around a little when your workouts reach a higher intensity, so be sure to clear a bit of extra space from around the machine before you begin.

Maxi Climber

Are you tall, short or average height like myself? Either way, Maxi Climber can accommodate your body type. Just adjust the height of the handlebars and continue with a safe and more effective workout.

Also it’s worth mentioning the maxi climber has isometric non-stick grips. These allow you to grasp the machine comfortably, even when the handles begin to be slick with sweat. Isometric hand grips have also been proven to help lower your blood pressure, yet another great health benefit from this vertical machine.

Value For Money

Compared to many other vertical climbers, the Maxi Climber machine comes in at quite a low price. At just under $200, you can get physically fit – even on a tighter budget. I hate the idea of recurring gym fees. A majority of the time you end up not going very much, or perhaps not at all. Then at the end of a year, what do you have to show for that $50 per month expense? Not a lot. Maxi Climber is there winter, summer, rain and wind, so it’s more cost effective and convenient. And for the cost of four months fees at the gym, you could own your Maxi Climber outright.

Other vertical climbers often are priced significantly higher than $200, with prices reaching into the thousands. However, for a easily assembled, space saving, durable, silent machine, that adjusts to your height, you get a full body workout. For those reasons, that makes this machine a sure win.

How To Use A Maxi Climber?

Since the maxi climbers can be in

tensive physically, you may want to start with shorter workouts. Workouts can tire your muscles, so you will probably need to build your cardio strength before taking on longer workouts. The best way to begin is with five to ten-minute sessions to build up your endurance and stamina.

Because Maxi climbers copy the movement of rock climbing, this means you will be using your upper body strength to lift your lower body. As your right arm extends upward, you will pull down and the right leg will move in tandem. The left side of the body will then repeat the same motion so that the right side will extend as the left arm goes down and vice versa. With this intense method of movement. the whole body receives a complete workout.

maxi climber reviews - improve heart rate

Help to improve heart rate and blood pressure


The Maxi Climber Vertical Climber is an easy and affordable way to improve fitness and improve the quality of your life.

With short burst of high-intensity workouts like those the Maxi Climber can offer, you work out harder for less time and while spending far less than you would at a gym membership. You can sculpt every core muscle, extend your life, and get fitter with just one piece of equipment and an “all-in-one” workout.

If you’ve been looking for a exercise machine that will meet all of your fitness goals, check out the Maxi Climber for the easier solution.


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