Natural Diuretic Foods: Throw Away Those Diuretic Pills

Natural Diuretic Foods: Throw Away Those Diuretic Pills


If your problem is fluid retention, and no matter what you do you always feel bloated, you need to take advantage of natural diuretic foods. Win the battle over fluid retention, and eliminate the excess water in your body. Discover the best natural diuretics in the following article.



What is fluid retention?

The scientific name for fluid retention is dropsy or edema, which involves fluid accumulation in the tissues. This is not an independent condition, and usually is a symptom of other diseases, such as kidney, heart or digestive system issues.  Too much excess fluid can cause disorders in several of the body’s functions.

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The most common swelling (called edema) usually occurs in the feet and legs. This condition especially in pregnant women or anyone who is overweight. It does not tend to give any symptoms or pain, nor does it effect the usual color of the skin, but you will notice how large much larger your feet/hands or legs are.

When fluid retention is present, by pressing on the affected area, the pont will stay indented.

Causes include:

  • circulatory disorders,
  • liver issues
  • kidneys and heart ,
  • malfunction of the thyroid
  • Vitamin deficiency.


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What are the best natural diuretics?




natural diuretic foodsWatermelon has a large amount of water, making it a natural diuretic. In turn, it offers lycopenes, antioxidants that allow the body to prevent free radical damage. The amino acids in the watermelons widen the veins, the liquids flow better, dragging the liquid that is retained in the tissues. And it is alkalizing, detoxifying and mineralizing, promoting good health of the intestine that removes toxins from the body.




It consists of 90% water, and has several antioxidants (vitamin C, selenium, beta-carotene and lycopene). It prevents damage from free radicals, which can damage the walls of blood vessels, causing inflammation and fluid leakage.



cucumber for water retention It has a great water content, it is a natural diuretic par excellence. It also offers sulfur and silicon, two components that help the kidneys to remove uric acid. This helps the body to decrease the retention of fluids in the body. And as if this were not enough, it contains ascorbic and caffeic acid, which serve in the diuretic effect. Finally, it is a great source of potassium which prevents cramps in the extremities.


Cranberry Juice

They can also be fruits alone, but better if you express or buy the juice already made. It has a great capacity to treat urinary infections and is a diuretic that does not destroy potassium in its task of eliminating water. It has great antibiotic power and allows the bladder to remain in good condition. It is also excellent for diabetics.



This vegetable provides our body with a lot of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, being one of the most recommended natural diuretics. In turn, detoxifies the body, increases metabolism and serves to delay related problems in lack of hydration.



It has a high content of water and in flavonoids, which is why it allows not only eliminate liquids retained in the body but also improve circulation. It is advisable to drink your water after boiling or also to consume it raw and grated to lose weight.



natural diuretics that help you lose weightImproving renal function, because of its contribution of caffeic acid and flavonoids, as well as minerals and vitamins that have diuretic effect. Meanwhile, the cinarina improves the flow of bile, helping to eliminate fluid retention.




More specifically the seeds of this plant, because they increase the excretion of uric acid and in turn increase the rate of urine production, so they help to detoxify the body. It should be noted that celery contains a lot of sodium, but this is counteracted by its potassium levels, which are also high but not harmful.




grapes for bloating They concentrate a lot of water and potassium, being a potent natural diuretic. In addition their sodium levels are quite low, being an ideal fruit to be able to eliminate the amount of toxins that we have in the body through the urine.



Has asparagine, which makes it a low – calorie food and yet, this amino acid has a great diuretic power, but also can treat pain caused by rheumatism, fluid retention (premenstrual syndrome by) and arthritis . For its part, thanks to its fiber content is effectively cleansed the intestinal tract.



how to release water weight It acts as a flavor enhancer for salads and in turn, because of its high water content helps in the process of micturition. They have iron and magnesium, two minerals that help empty fat cells.





It is an ideal food for breakfast for their energetic properties and in turn contains a compound, silica, which enhances the function of natural diuretic.



fluid retention and pregnancyIts diuretic properties are quite mild, but it serves to flush toxins from the kidneys. It is best to consume it raw and well cut.



It improves the functions of the kidneys and liver. It also provides iron, which serves to clean grease deposits.



Apple vinegar as a natural diuretic

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Apple cider vinegar is an ancient remedy to keep the kidneys clean. Another benefit of apple cider vinegar is that it helps maintain potassium levels in the body. Potassium is important because it helps regulate the amount of fluid inside and outside the body’s cells.


Natural Diuretic teas


Tila and its diuretic effects:

The (search at amazon “B0089VPTTY” )linden tea,  , commonly called tila, is a diuretic infusion of moderate action, soothing action and turn a powerful hypotensive .
It is ideal for people who infusion also suffer from fluid retention have problems with hypertension or nervousness.


Natural diuretic of dandelion Tea

Put 5 or 6 clean dandelion leaves into a cup and fill with boiling water. Cover and let stand for 15 minutes. Strain and add a teaspoon of honey (optional). Drink three cups a day.


Chamomile tea

The (search at amazon “B003D4MX1E” )chamomile tea,  has a mild diuretic action , combined with a mild sedative effect and carminative power, indicated for the natural treatment of stomach discomfort. It is also slightly laxative.
Chamomile tea is, like linden tea, the most suitable diuretic infusion for people with nervousness , but in the case of chamomile, for those who nerves cause digestive problems.


Coffee and tea

Both coffee and tea contain caffeine (it is the same molecule that is known as protein) of stimulating action but also very diuretic . Caffeine levels from highest to lowest amount, as well as their diuretic power, correspond to coffee, followed by black tea, oolong and red teas, green tea and to finish white tea. The caffeine content of white tea is residual, so this tea variety, although very healthy, is not diuretic.


Hibiscus tea, natural diuretic

Hibiscus is a source of vitamin C and is present in many fruity and refreshing infusions, which gives an intense reddish color. But it is also a plant of strong diuretic properties and acid but pleasant taste, equipped with a light sedative effect .
Combining the hibiscus with the ripe fruits of the seedless rose hips, an infusion is obtained that besides diuretics serves as support in the treatment of infections of the urinary tract.

Infusion with elderberry

tea prepared with elderflower has a diuretic action powerful. It is also tonic and febrifuge , and is recommended in cases of excess uric acid or flu – like processes . It is not suitable for chronic treatments.


Diuretic properties of horsetail

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If there is a common herb known for its diuretic properties is horsetail or horsetail. Its benefits can be taken advantage of by infusing it separately or together with other plants. The tea horsetail helps in the treatment of excess uric acid and hypertension and is also remineralizante.
However, prolonged or high doses are not recommended in people with hypotension.


Green Tea

It is used in many diets to lose weight because it can remove fat through urine. It is advised to consume at most four cups per day, for its high level of caffeine.



Final Thoughts


Fluid retention is not an independent disease, but a symptom is other ailments ranging from circulatory problems to malfunctioning thyroid, cardiac, renal or liver disorders. So it’s worth checking with your health practitioner if the issue persists


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