Onion Juice: What Is It Good For And How To Get It Out?

Onion Juice: What Is It Good For And How To Get It Out?

Onion Juice: What Is It Good For And How To Get It Out?


Despite its annoying smell for many, onion is one of the most popular vegetables out there. An excellent way to take advantage of the medicinal properties of the onion is by using the juice.

Onion juice is an excellent source of organo sulfur , a compound believed to be able to prevent cancer . It is also a good source of vitamin C, potassium, manganese and folic acid.

There are several types of onion and some properties may vary from one type to another. For example, the red onion is the one that has a higher content of quercetin, a very good substance to combat allergies .

As the medicinal properties of the onion are due to the substance that gives them the bad smell, the stronger the smell of the onion, the greater its medicinal value.


When buying onions, choose the ones that are well-formed and have crisp, dry shells. Avoid onions that are already sprouting roots or have signs that they are spoiling like the withered or discolored top. If you can buy them organic is much better.

Onions can be stored at room temperature, but should be kept in a well-ventilated area, away from sunlight to prevent them from rooting. Do not store them with the potatoes as they can absorb moisture and ethylene gas and rot quickly.


How to get the juice from the onion

There are three easy ways to make onion juice.


1. With a cheese grater

Starting with my favorite method, this is the one I use whenever it is easier, faster and more effective. But to use this method the onion must have been refrigerated for a few hours so that it does not cause tears. Peel the onions and cut into two or four pieces. Cover a dish with a cheesecloth.

Put the (search at amazon “B010UKIRYU”) cheese grater, on top and grate the onion. The juice is collected in a bowl and the cheesecloth is tied with the pulp inside. The pulp is drained inside the cheesecloth so that only the juice comes out.


2.With the blender

This is a good method if you did not have a chance to refrigerate the onion. Peel the onion and cut into medium pieces. They are put in the (search at amazon “B00NGV4506”) blender, and blend . Put the cheesecloth as a lid to strain the juice. Then the remaining pulp is wrapped in the cheesecloth and the juice is drained.

onion juice benefits

The onion juice is easy to take out


3. With a juice squeezer

Fans of natural juices will surely have their juice juicer at home and can easily get the juice out to the onion. It is recommended to remove the juice of the onion first and then the one of another vegetable so that the other vegetable helps to remove the bad smell of the onion of the juicer.




What are the uses of onion juice?


Onion juice has several uses but my favorite are for hair and skin.


Onion juice for the skin


Sulfur and vitamin C containing onion juice make it an excellent ingredient to keep skin healthy. In addition, the onion juice also clears the skin making it a good remedy to remove acne blemishes , age spots and general skin blemishes.

The onion juice can be applied directly on the stain but if it starts to burn it has to be rinsed.

For the general health of the skin you can mix a teaspoon of onion juice with a teaspoon of honey and put on a mask for about 15 minutes and rinse.


Onion juice for the hair


Sulfur is an essential mineral for the health of hair. You can massage the scalp with a little onion juice a few hours before washing with shampoo.

This massage can help fight hair loss and make it grow new hair. It can also stimulate hair growth to grow faster.

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