Open-arm push-ups vs. Closed-arm push-ups

Open-arm push-ups vs. Closed-arm push-ups

Open-arm push-ups vs. Closed-arm push-ups


Push-ups are perhaps one of the simplest exercises, since they do not require any equipment, all you need is the floor. They can be made anytime, anywhere you choose. However, they are also the most challenging workout routines. When you start, they seem very simple, but frequency is what creates the challenge.

Arm push-ups work in the opposite way to the bench press, as you should push your weight over a flat surface (as opposed to pressing the weight on the chest). The impact of the routine is exerted on the muscle group that stabilizes the body to maintain the posture while doing the push ups. Weight is limited, and will be determined by your body weight.


Closed-arm push-ups

The position of the hands is crucial in determining the efficiency of the arm push routine. The narrow flexions are more difficult than the wide ones, since they point to the triceps more than to the pecs. They also work the shoulders, back and abs. The hands are placed close to each other, and the elbows are held close to the body, making it appear that your hands are directly under the chest.

Wide-arm push-ups

Wide-arm push-ups require your hands to be wider than the width of your shoulders. Unlike the narrow version, where your elbows are close to your sides, the elbows open outward, resulting in more work from the shoulders. The chest muscles are put into operation and do a great job. The wider chest area makes this movement easier, which is why this type of flexion is less challenging than its counterpart with hands together.



If you want to increase the difficulty of your pushups, you can increase your weight using a (search at amazon “B01AJ12MBE” )weight vest, or a spring, or use gym rings or dumbbells on your hands and raise your feet on a bench. The latter increases the range of motion and brings a bit of complexity and difficulty to your usual push-ups.


Combine them

Incorporate wide and narrow pushups into your workout regimen for best results. This ensures a even distribution of the load and effort of the muscle groups involved, so that the shoulders, arms and chest are tonified and stretched equally. With proper posture, your abdominal muscles and hips, and even the rest of the lower part of your body, can benefit from this routine.

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