Body electric massager anti cellulite Portable Fat slimming health care Massage Instrument Vibration Cervical Spine Neck Waist

Body electric massager anti cellulite Portable Fat slimming health care Massage Instrument Vibration Cervical Spine Neck Waist


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Body electric massager anti cellulite Portable Fat slimming health care Massage Instrument Vibration Cervical Spine Neck Waist


Adopted professional lip modelling system which provides an effective therapeutic massage at home and is especially suitable for those suffering from cellulite, fluid retention and flaccidity.
Powerful motor produces simultaneous rotating and vibrating movements which offers a subcutaneous massage to increase blood flow, encouraging lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, improving skin elasticity.
The machine is designed to suit four different massage heads included for full body slimming, so that it can meet your various need.
Combines vibrating heads and infrared heat therapy, not only can accelerate blood circulation, but also can heat and drain fat by its fast movement, as well as smooth bumpy”orange peel skin”.
Applies friction and kneading movements, coping the hand movements of an expert therapeutic massage.
Control knob for intensity adjustment from left to right to increase.
Comes with a cloth head of covering the massage heads for a comfortable contact with your skin
Perfect for both home and professional use, especially for those who sit in the office or home all day

Please read this operational guide carefully to enjoy the full benefits of the product.
1.Insert/Change Attachments:
*Remove mesh cover.
*Press both concaves on base of the rotating head and lift existing attachment up.
*Snap in another attachment cap and attach mesh cover if needed.
2.Connect the plug to a wall electrical outlet.
3.Switch power dial clock-wise to turn” ON” thte device , and continue in the same direction to speed up .To slow down, turn dial counter-clockwise.
4.There are two effective ways to grip the device for maximum comfort.
*Grip by the center part of the product.
*Grip by the handle .
5.After usage, swithch the power dial counter-clockwise until it cannot turn anymore to turn “OFF” the device, then remove plug from the electrical outlet.

General recommendations for use:
(1) Finger massage head
This simulates professional massage performend with the fingers. It is suitable for appliction to painful cellulite, foot reflexology (foot massage ) and gentle muscle massage.
(2) Roller head
This head gives immediate results , It eliminates cellulite , works against flaccidity , stimulates blood fiow and return , tones the muscles , performs lymphatic drainage , reduces volume , relieves vack ace, sciatica and lumbago , warms up the muscles , relaxes , relieves stress , ect .
(3) Balls head
Suitable for delicate areas like the face , chest , neck and breasts .
Activates and firms the muscles helping to firm the skin , giving it a firmer , plumper appearance . It improves circulation in the abdominal area , eliminating localised toxins and improves the intestina tract, preventing constipation.
(4) Wave-form head
Simulates a professional massage performed with the palm of the hand . toning and improving blood flow . Fpr use in the thigh and buttock areas.
(5) Head protector cloth head
For improved comfort , cover the appropriate treatment head with the cloth head .
!!!This accessory cannot be used with creams .
*The cloth accessor can only be used with the wave-shaped head . Using it with the other heads could damage the cloth , and the massage would be less effective .
*The intensity control allows you to regulate the intensity of the massage as required .
*Use a low setting o treat delicate area ( face , neck , breasts , legs with varicose veins ) or pregnant women . Use the highest setting to treat the less sensitive areas of the body.

Caution !!!
*Do not use the device if you are pregnant or suffering from heart problems or any physical injuries.
*Only use the device one hour after meals
*Keep away from children
*Do not use the device on the same area of body for more than 15 minutes at a time
* Do not use the product on your head
*Do not use the device in an environment that exceeds 37 degrees C or 100 degress F
*If the mesh cover is torn or the attachmet cap is severely damaged
*If the user experiences dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms,
stop the workout at once .Consult a physician immediately
Mesh cover can only be used with the Wavy or Flat attachment caps .Do not use mesh cover when roller of filing caps are attached.
Do not use the machine without mesh cover on areas of your body where hair can be entangled with the device ( i.e.neck or shoulder, etc )

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  1. Shopper

    <2en> the device is quite heavy, makes a lot of noise at maximum power. <2en> I used it once, to see in time. <2en> 4 interchangeable heads.

  2. A***o

    It works very well!

  3. P***n

    Very well packaged. Arrived in 2 weeks. Works properly. <2en> the power is ok. <2en> seems of good quality.

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    Item as described, l record the seller

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    It comes well packed. And it works perfectly. What if the pieces of change are very fair and it costs to change them, but I think it’s because it’s new

  6. A***s

    <2en> at the top received well packaged nothing to say

  7. N***h

    The goods arrived in 10 days to Israel, did not expect. Vibrations are good, as well as I myself will rub myself now I will walk beautiful and without cellulite, I would not burn it on the first day.

  8. n***l

    I haven’t tried yet but it came in good condition, happy with the purchase, then I say again if it works well.

  9. J***k

    Product well made and packaged, arrived very quickly. I use a few days and I am Glad because I use a few days zauważyłam that my skin gets smoother. Recommend

  10. g***z

    It weighs quite but has quite a power

  11. m***m

    It works on the first application I felt my stomach was much flaccid after spending about 5 minutes. I think it worked well excellent I liked it

  12. A***s

    Equal to the description, quite power, with level regulation, well-packed, there was no communication with the seller. 15 days to Chile, I recommend!

  13. S***a

    Everything works. It came quickly. I did not communicate with the product. Nozzles change with difficulty. One put and I can not remove. And so everything suits.

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    Super fast to arrive and very good!

  15. Shopper

    I have received the order and a broken piece comes
    I just sent a message to the supplier based on how I fix it I will open a dispute to you or not

  16. P***a

    Very good product, strong vibration, I am very satisfied with this product. It took about a month to arrive in Romania.

  17. M***A

    товар пришел очень быстро, спасибо продавцу. товар был упаковано хорошо, попробовала мощность на 5ку. легкий в использовании

  18. O***a

    Good thing, I recommend. Vibration can be both light and strong. Nozzles are removed tightly very, especially for the first time. Nozzles with fingers and balls-stupid in my opinion, I use with plastic wheels and flat

  19. v***v

    Very good thing just. I recommend, it quickly works perfectly, the box of course came a little crumpled and dirty as if already used. but in general, very yes
    Same. Homemade in delight. thank you

  20. Shopper

    Kei quickly within super aperaat and seemed also feels wonderful so happy with it

  21. a***r

    It’s practical use. Quality price is OK

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    It arrived before time only need to try but it has very good paint instructions in English and Polish

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    Shipping суппербыстрая, with in order to obtain пятеречке in Ulyanovsk five days. Box all wrinkled, but all together. Yesterday tried on his wife, was delighted. In general use all clear and easily, important пирсноровиться. Seller recommend. Thank you very much.

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    Shipping fast, yet have not tested. It much strength and ago much ratio noise.

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    The order arrived very quickly, the aparado is very good and meets all of the description, the box arrived crushed and the device torn out

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    The box arrived well battered But the arrived in good condition is very useful product recommend

  27. M***a

    Massager much. For home
    Use power more than
    Enough. Made in salon massage, Prof machine power set up not stronger than this massager. So very suitable machine for staking cellulite, also taken from the nozzle for шейно-neck area. I am happy. Cellulite have average expressed. Do with massage oil, then wrapping round sharp Mega Mint from brand compliment. Super!

  28. Shopper

    Todo has been correct, as in the description, but to try it has made me much damage as weighs too, think for a sensitive skin not although it is good furniture product not made to my.
    Paquet came a little dented, but inside was foremost well.

  29. j***r

    The box came in damaged but everything was fine inside. It works perfectly. He arrived in 3 days.

  30. O***a

    Not a bad massager. The drawback: He is small in size and, when you put on a maximum, he beats so much that the hand is shaking, turning off from the first time can not be-it) I think we can get along. In general, good quality.

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    All About ‘K

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    The box came a little chafada, but it’s all right.

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    It works great, my old lady is very happy. Thank you, sir.

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    The box came torn, everything is inside. The goods is according to the description

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    The goods arrived in just 8 days. Everything is intact and working as expected. I recommend the seller and the store. Thanks seller. Good luck) _ the goods came in just 8 days. Everything works as expected. I recommend the seller and the store. Thank you seller. Good luck)

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    The handle is a little uncomfortable-small, and so cool, everything works, with bags cool

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    good body massager, fast delivery, everything works

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