Stomach Exercises For Tighter Abs Workout

Stomach Exercises For Tighter Abs Workout

Stomach Exercises For Tighter Abs Workout

Stomach Exercise Workout

The biggest reason people give for not working out is usually down to time. In which case, this ab exercise is perfect because it literally can take 10 minutes to do, and if you stick at it, you’ll reap all benefits of a longer abs workout routine. This 10 minute Abs Workout focuses on strengthening and toning your midsection. You can do this by itself, or with any other exercise routine when you’re looking to focus in on those abs.



Doing the 10 minute Abs Exercise alone:

If you decide to do this exercise alone, it’s recommended that you do this two to three times a day and to do the set at least three to four times a week. And we can never forget diet when creating that toned flat stomach. You will need to have a reduced calorie diet and be moving around more in order to get rid of the excess fat that is covering your midsection.


When using this exercise set with other workouts:

If this is only part of your overall workout, then the frequency can be a little less. If for example, you do cardio twice a week you could do one set of this abs routine afterward. This can be done before or afterward depending on preference. And what about those strength training days? Well a set of these abs exercises can be done on one or two of your strength training days, so as not to stress your core muscles.


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