24 Strikes for the BodyRock Challenger

8 thoughts on “24 Strikes for the BodyRock Challenger”

  1. Awesome; I'm going to account for a dip stand right quickly… No want to be half of a gymnasium… Thanks, shes beastmode….

  2. FYI I bought very equal bars at amazon for lower than $40 greater than these that are $120.  Any map when you would also be short like me pretty a few these exercises will most certainly be extraordinarily  laborious to attain.

  3. Looks like Lisa been educated by legendary Zuzana, I keep in mind when that bodyrocktv.com launch , Zuzana became once the beast , vibrant workout grasp , I liked the type she became once explaining every excercise for the beginners, with all her intense exercises she peaceable appeared feminine and freaking horny ! I like all folks that got here after Zuzana, by the type , after face work executed … Lisa begging explore as Zuzana ! After Zuzana left, many followers including myself stopped following, bodyrocktv , the web turn out to be to be effective and to business, many issues on the web… aged to be free and now is all $$$ I am going over Queen of Bodyrocktv.com Zuzana!? https://youtu.be/5EZFQo4vc1o


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