Boot Camp Cardio & Strength Workout With Denise Austin

7 thoughts on “Boot Camp Cardio & Strength Workout With Denise Austin”

  1. The article that bothers me on so tons of her workouts is how she'll lunge ” sexy one extra!” that continually technique 2 or 3 extra cases lol ugh

  2. So delighted I found Denise on YouTube! Worked out alongside with her videos years ago when I lost over 60#, need her motivation again to free 5-10 now. A bit extra affect in this one than I’m able to exhaust now, however changes tranquil gave me a correct sweat.????

  3. Thanks Denise. You helped me to lose 70 lbs when I change into in my mid 30's. I’m now 54 and tranquil like your motivation and your dazzling workouts. I change them as is livid for me and I if fact be told feel dazzling. Beget a nicely-organized excessive vibrational day!


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