Butt Use + Ab Chisel | Dwelling Friendly Workout

7 thoughts on “Butt Use + Ab Chisel | Dwelling Friendly Workout”

  1. Right here’s my favorite determine to attain.. easy sufficient for my newbie self that I will push thru nonetheless exhausting sufficient that I definitely actually feel it. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I AM FEELING STRONGER EVERYDAY THANKS TO YOUR VIDEOS!!!

  2. Real stumbled on these videos, honestly, they're so motivating!! They abet a TON with keeping the tempo, switching strikes, doing the good strikes for that body fragment, and these rental effective videos are most attention-grabbing for somebody residing in a limited flat (with one other particular person!) so thank you so, lots, Cassey!

  3. Right here’s a uncommon comment nonetheless would possibly possibly well well well you attain a reveal video that is centered spherical now not being versatile? ? I fight with many of the strikes because I’m generous lots tighter and rather a pair of my man friends don’t treasure doing these with me because they aren’t versatile either.


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