The Intrepid & the Bootiful Workout!



7 thoughts on “The Intrepid & the Bootiful Workout!”

  1. Does anybody know why throughout these exercises my shin bone hurts bigger than my butt? I have to raze no longer on memoir of of my butt, nonetheless on memoir of both my hip joint and my shin bone trouble. What am I doing substandard?

  2. This was the final video of the calendar lately. It was BRUTAL. throughout the second residing of the leg pulses and circles, it trouble so so mighty that my quad began to vibrate nonetheless I KEPT GOING!!! and what? When I at final was in a place to position my leg down, I COULDNT EVEN FEEL THE PAIN IN MY BUTT!!! MY BUTT LITERALLY WAS WORKED SO HARD IT GOT NUMB!!! ?????


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