Zumba To Lose Weight and Tone: Advantages and Disadvantages

Zumba To Lose Weight and Tone: Advantages and Disadvantages

Zumba To Lose Weight and Tone: Advantages and Disadvantages



Zumba is everywhere right now. Billboards, videos not to mention classes getting more and more people into Zumba. So what exactly is a zumba dance workout? Well in a nutshell Zumba is an aerobic dance made up of simple choreographies (often repetitions of 4 or 5 moves maximum) to lose weight and keep fit .

Zumba is a dance craze that has taken off in the last few years and has become popular all over the world. Many of it’s advocates claim you can use Zumba to lose weight and tone. But like any exercise, you need to find out if it’s right for you. Discover its strengths and weaknesses.


Where did Zumba originate from?

The famous American trainer Alberto “Beto” Perez (aerobic instructor and dancer of Colombian origin) created Zumba by chance in 1986 (see the history of the accidental creation of this dance in the part “Did you know?” At the bottom of the page). This fitness teacher then brought it to the United States, with two associates (Alberto Perlman and Alberto Alghion).

Together they created a company in 1999 that became international in 2007. In 2008, this company (named Zumba Fitness LLC) released the third DVD collection.


Principles of Zumba Dance: What does it involve?

Rapid beats, slow rhythms and resistance training (resistance exercise is used to develop strength and size of skeletal muscles), with a Latino flavor (dancers listen to salsa, flamenco or merengue). The promoters of this dance claim that Zumba is a fun and effective aerobic training for, among others things, fast weight loss.

This program is based on rhythms and choreography inspired by various Latin dances (salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, kuduro, etc.). Zumba is performed in a similar way to interval training (slow and fast rhythms that intersect) . Slow rhythms are periods of rest. This type of workout is known to burn more calories and increase the body’s metabolism for hours after exercise.


Advantages and benefits of Zumba workouts

This dance gives you good cardiovascular activity.  The body is constantly changing, taking steps, dancing rhythmically. This causes a high caloric expenditure that actually melts the fat.

Take into account the fact that there is only a short time for recovery, so the body has no choice but to burn off calories.

A course of this choreography burns between 500 and 800 calories! You can burn more or less depending on the intensity of your dance or your level of form. Your dancer-instructor will work with you to get the best results and quickly.

Part of the exercises in this dance involves the addition of weights. Having to bear weight increases energy expenditure while toning and strengthening the muscles . The muscle system becomes very active metabolically, so this will cause an overall expenditure of calories, allowing weight loss.

Zumba to lose weight


How fast does Zumba workouts work for weight loss?

 As this fitness program is becoming more and more popular in the US and around the world.  Courses taught by certified instructors and fitness centers, are opening up everywhere. And you have a great chance of finding a center near you.

This dance can actually make you lose weight if you practice at least 3 times a week (by taking courses if possible, to make sure you move properly and to increase the fun) and you eat a healthy diet

This dance also helps with weight loss because it does increases discipline. Most of the time, conventional physical exercises can be boring (especially after a certain time of practice).

This boredom can be exasperating in the long run and lead a lot of people to abandon classes. This is where Zumba stands out.
When an exercise routine is fun, you’re more likely to stick to it in the long run
Bottom line is, Zumba workout doesn’t feel like a workout. The exercise classes are like having a good dance session (something most of us do once in a while)


What the fans of Zumba say

When a physical exercise is fun and interesting, the sticking rat up and the weight goes down . Fans of this dance fitness say that Zumba workouts:


  • Increases endurance and bone density
  • Improves balance
  • Tones muscle
  • Decreases body fat in the body
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Releases inhibitions
  • Sharpens the mind
  • Strengthens the abs and core muscles


What to do to lose weight with this fitness program?

First, look for Zumba courses available near you . Then rearrange your schedule to participate regularly in classes each week (try to do 2 to 4 sessions per week).


So I can lose weight with Zumba workouts?

 A resounding yes!  Just remember to have fun during classes to achieve the best workout possible. The more physically you express yourself, the more energy you will use (which will help you lose weight), and the more the movements will strengthen your body.

Stay aware of your intensity of exercise when you are taking a course. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being “I just climb the Everest”

Intensity should not exceed 8 or go below 3. When you do Zumba regularly, you will naturally feel more confident and assured in your movements, so will end up creating a calorie deficits by burning more energy each week.

As discussed before, you will burn between 500 and 800 calories per course. If you do 4 dance classes per week and spend an average of 600 calories per course, you will lose more than 1 kilogram of fat after 1 month. And if you readjust your diet in parallel, you will lose even more weight.


Intensify your Zumba workouts for maximum impact

Intensify the intervals between the lessons by sharpening the differences between a faster choreography and a more explosive choreography, against slower or softer steps. When you’re dancing to a song that is conducive to a slower pace, be sure to let your heartbeat slow down, and when your instructor begins to take quick steps to increase in intensity, follow his/her rhythm.

Want to lose more weight with Zumba workouts?

Make sure to add resistance training to your fitness program Building more muscles will help your body to function with greater efficiency, and will help you make dancing movements become more fluid and powerful.

Do not forget that this dance can be done with little or no impact, so ask your instructor to give you suggestions if you prefer not to skip or jump. Wear a pair of shoes designed for fitness dances when you go to classes.


Disadvantages of Zumba

As with all physical training regimes, the will and sense of involvement are necessary to exploit the full potential of this exercise method.


  • While an aerobic based workout program will make you lose weight quicker, you will gain all that weight back if you stop following a fitness program like Zumba.
  • With a faster workout program, there is also a high chance of injury by slipping of falling or simply spraining a. This will be an issue for anyone with bone conditions/or for older people.
  • If you don’t like dancing, or excessive noise this is not for you.
  • You will also need a lot of will power and involvement to lose weight while zumba dancing.



Zumba classes at home

If you want to practice this dance alone at home, there are a few recommended and effective DVDS for working out to zumba at home available;



Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD Syst

This is a great workout for beginners. There is enough variety to keep you moving for awhile.

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Zumba Fitness Incredible Results

If you have struggled with your weight for years, this Zumba DVD is a great choice. Feel the burn and get a good sweat going as this sheds the pounds and gives you a great workout!

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Zumba Fitness Gold Live It Up DVD Set for the Baby Boomer Generation

Get in on Zumba workouts, no matter what your age. If you’re from the baby boomer generation (or you know someone who is) this will be a great choice in workout. This is an exercise program that works well for anyone who have arthritis or knee issues

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Did you know? Zumba facts

This dance was born by accident. Its creator Alberto “Beto” Perez was teaching an aerobics class in his hometown Cali (Colombia) in 1986 and realized that day he forgot his usual music (to make Aerobics).

He then searched in his bag of cassettes and took out one that mixes salsa music with merengue, which he liked to dance to at home. He then told his students that “the course will be different today”. All his pupils had loved to exercise on these Latin musics and Zumba was born

Understanding the success of this exercise, Alberto Perez popularized the dance in Bogota, Colombia, before going to Miami (USA). In 1999, Two associates join Alberto Perez in making this dance known internationally.

In 2011, it is estimated that there are over 5 million Zumba practitioners and more than 30,000 certified instructors in over 80 countries around the world.



Zumba is one of our recommended workouts, but this aerobic program is more suitable for people already comfortable with fitness routines that involve dancing. It isn’t going to be for everyone, but if high intensity, metabolism boosting, fun cardio is your thing, give Zumba workouts a try.

What do you think of this fitness program? Have you lose weight by dancing Zumba? Read the comments or give your opinion below.

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