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About Us

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Established 6 years ago, in 2012, our focus was primarily on quality health goods. Our company slowly graduated into an exclusive fitness supply for women before it expanded its operations to include a variety of essential health and fitness items for both the sexes.

We have been providing quality service to our clients for a number of years now and that is one of the main reasons we have such loyal repeat customers.

Our blog has a variety of authors whose goal is to deliver content honestly and to influence motivation for the readers to get/stay healthy and feeling good.

Our store department is focused on sourcing the best of quality for the best of prices. Our aim is to guarantee satisfaction and gain long-term customers.

Fitness Intents are committed to fulfilling our customers’ needs and will strive to make each individual satisfied with our service.


                 Two of our Talented Authors

Alex and Julia King


Hi Alex and Julia on Holidaythere, We are a couple with high fitness goals and a huge desire to help people with theirs. We will be sharing various workouts, recipes, feasts, and ways you can be healthy and fit even on a budget. Our goal in this blog is to help people on every level… people who workout at home, people who love the gym, and people searching for a solution that will work for them. The main goal above all is to stay, fit healthy and well!



From the NYC metro area, I captained a swim team and worked multiple jobs while studying for my BA. Stopped competing after getting injured and began to coach others in athletics and fitness. With 10-year experience in healthcare, nutrition, I am all about providing comprehensive solutions for gaining weight, losing weight and training your stamina for a healthier lifestyle. Favorite things include family, working, video games, and only getting “cardio” through playing sports



Born and raised in London, moved to New York and relocated to Los Angeles. A Certified Personal Trainer, and lover of good healthy food. I am very passionate about fitness and helping people adopt a healthy lifestyle. I’m a firm believer that living a healthy and fit lifestyle should be FUN, and I want to help you find that too! I found it myself back in 2003 and I haven’t looked back since!?




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